Tue 01 Mar 2011 12:21 PM
Nashwa Taher

Nashwa Taher

Industry: Retail

Company: Al Taher Group

Designation: Vice president

Country: Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia

Occupation: Vice president

Nashwa Taher wears two hats - as a mother, and as the vice president of her family’s Al Taher Group a Saudi-based conglomerate whose interests range from contracting to foodstuffs, and is also chairman of the Board of Real Estate, the Al-Hassaniyah Establishment.

Taher made history in 2005 when she became one of the first Saudi women to win elected office in Saudi Arabia as board members of the Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI). Taher is currently a member of the JCCI and also the vice president of its unit, the Khadijah bint Khuwalid Businesswomen Centre.

Taher studied management in the US for three years before she became Saudi Arabia's specialty foods pioneer, importing high end products from Italy when, she has said, she realised “the Saudi market is full of American products.” Italy was chosen because its products have unique taste and packaging - and, according to her motherly instincts, she said they lack preservatives and food colouring. Who says women can't have it all?