Tue 01 Mar 2011 12:21 PM
Najwa Al Qassim

Najwa Al Qassim

Industry: Media

Company: Al Arabiya

Designation: Anchor

Country: UAE/Lebanon

Occupation: Anchor

Born in Lebanon
a few years before the civil war, Najwa Al Qassim developed a love of politics at
an early age. While she initially studied architecture, she could not resist the
attraction of the media world and made her first TV appearance in 1993 for Future
TV in Beirut.

Since then, she has literally been at the front line of regional
journalism and has reported on the Israeli occupation and subsequent withdrawal
from south Lebanon and the war
on terrorism in Afghanistan.
In 2003 she joined Al Arabiya and a year later survived a bomb attack on the station’s
Baghdad offices,
which resulted in the death of eight people.