Tue 01 Mar 2011 12:21 PM
Dr Mayada Baydas

Dr Mayada Baydas

Industry: Banking & Finance

Company: Development Innovations Group

Designation: Senior vice president

Country: USA/Lebanon

Occupation: Senior vice president

A leading expert in the field of development finance, Dr Mayada
Baydas has more than twenty years of research and practical experience in the commercialisation
of microfinance through service companies and banking sector partnerships. As a
specialist in microfinance market assessment, Baydas has conducted extensive research
in examining the provision of financial and non financial services to
the working poor.

At the Development Innovations Group, she helps to provide micro-financing
to the world’s poor by providing technical assistance and training, from start up
operations to ongoing institutional support. The group also assists commercial banks
to downscale and provide sector wide analysis of financial regulations and markets.

The founder and former head of AMEEN sal, Lebanon’s largest microfinance organisation, Baydas
has also served as a lecturer at the University
of California and has published
several professional publications.