100 most powerful Arab women 2012
Sun 04 Mar 2012 11:26 AM
Haifa Kaylani

Haifa Kaylani

Industry: Culture and Society

Company: Arab International Women’s Forum

Designation: Founder

Country: UK

Hafia Al Kaylani is seen by many as a female role model in Middle East. Al Kaylani is responsible for setting up the Arab International Women’s Forum, which is an umbrella organisation that brings together 1,500 associations, individuals, corporation and partnerships based in 45 nations and six continents of the world. The organisation is a base where women of Arab origin can come together and build relationships, exchange ideas and knowledge, take more participation in both local and national government, develop business potential and promote their organisations. The bottom line, Al Kaylani says, to help Arab women to increasingly become “part and parcel of international community.” Since its establishment in 2001, the institution has helped change many things about the Arab world for women. They have become more heard and voiced. In September 2005, a report from the Forum asked Arab governments to help equal men and women by removing the barriers between the two gender groups.