100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40
Sun 19 Apr 2015 05:23 AM
Adeeb Al Balushi

Adeeb Al Balushi

Industry: Science

Designation: Child inventor

Country: UAE

Age: 10

Child prodigy Adeeb Al Balushi is just ten years old but has invented an artificial foot for his dad, a robotic vacuum cleaner for his mum and an innovative cat flap. Now, he is busy working on a device that could save the lives of drivers with heart ailments. The young inventor, who lives with his family in Dubai, is developing a system that will send automatic alerts to family members, hospitals and the police if there is a fault in the driver’s heartbeat.

“I was once travelling with my dad in his car. He used to smoke then, and was coughing a lot. He asked me what would happen if he was alone and had a heart attack while driving. I thought about it for two days and decided that seat belts that run across your chest could be used to measure heart beats,” he told local press in 2013.

Al Balushi is a pupil at GEMS Wellington Academy in Dubai but says all he wants to do is help people in discomfort. “I want to change the world. There are too many people in need of assistance and all I think of is how I can be of help.” He was praised by Dubai Municipality on last year’s World Intellectual Property Rights Day, and Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, is reportedly arranging a world tour for the young Emirati to prepare him for a future career in scientific research.

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