100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40
Sun 19 Apr 2015 05:23 AM
Chaker Khazaal

Chaker Khazaal

Industry: Media

Designation: Author, war reporter, activist

Country: Canada (Palestine)

Citizenship: @chakerkhazaal

Age: 27

Palestinian-Canadian author, reporter and entrepreneur, Chaker Khazaal, spent his early life living in Bourj El Barajneh, a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut. He later emigrated to Canada after winning the Global Leader of Tomorrow Award from York University in Toronto.

He released his critically acclaimed novel Confessions of a War Child in 2013, the first in a thriller-romantic trilogy of fiction inspired by true stories of refugees and war around the world, mainly in the Middle East. Khazaal travelled in war zones for interviews that inspired the three books.

The second of the trilogy Confessions of a War Child — Lia released last year. The third instalment — Confessions of a War Child — Sahara — is due to be released later this year.

Besides writing, Khazaal formed a group of professional refugees from around the world offering them contractual remote employment in e-marketing, graphics, social media management, and different web solutions. His role in the business is to recruit clients and build the marketing strategies. Among the first clients was the Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Picture, Omar.

Khazaal’s career as an author and entrepreneur made him a popular and influential figure on social media, with many considering him a voice for refugees and young writers around the world.

Earlier this year, he began writing regular articles for The Huffington Post on world events, politics, and the Middle East.