100 Most Powerful Arabs Under 40
Sun 19 Apr 2015 05:23 AM
Mouteea Murad

Mouteea Murad

Industry: Arts and entertainment

Designation: Artist

Country: UAE (Syria)

Citizenship: @AyyamGallery

Age: 38

Born in 1977 in Homs, Syria, Mouteea Murad lives and works in Sharjah. He received a bachelor of arts degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus, in 2001. His works are housed in private and public collections internationally, including the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. The artist’s recent solo exhibitions include Ayyam Gallery DIFC, Dubai (2013, 2011); Ayyam Gallery Beirut (2011); and Ayyam Gallery Damascus (2010). Murad’s entrance into art was marked by monochromatic, expressionist compositions that explored the anguish of modern man. In 2007, however, he emerged with a renewed outlook that redirected his painting style.

Abandoning his initial aesthetic, he began to explore colour relativity, spatiality, and the visual dynamism of geometric forms by adhering to the non-objective directives of Islamic art, which references the splendour of the natural world by privileging abstraction and its ability to ignite the senses.