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Gaurav Sinha

Gaurav Sinha

Industry: Philanthropy

Company: Harmony House

Occupation: Co-founder

Along with his glamorous wife Lucy Bruce, Gaurav is one half of the team behind the incredible Harmony House.

With Gaurav’s mother, Uma Sinha, and brother, Gautam Sinha on the board of trustees and actively involved, the family-run project is driven by a passion to give back something to those in need.

The Harmony House concept was born in December 2008 and the house eventually opened its doors in December 2009.

Harmony House’s key objectives are to provide a safe, fun, educational and a loving environment for children and women living in the nearby slums. With many of its children attending school only for a few hours in the morning or not at all, Harmony House allows the children to break away from the harsh climate of their usual surroundings and spend their free time in enjoyable, stimulating and nurturing surroundings.

It also provides breakfast, lunch and evening snacks to all, hygiene facilities, medication and social services.

Sinha is also the founder and CEO of Insignia, a top PR agency for the travel, luxury and lifestyle industry, and is also vice chairman of the Travel Attache, the region’s first luxury inbound tour operator, founded last year.