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Wed 26 Nov 2014 10:47 AM

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100 striking labourers to be deported from Qatar – report

The construction workers began to strike after they were ordered to work on Friday evening, typically their day off, their co-workers claim

100 striking labourers to be deported from Qatar – report
(Getty Images)

More than 100 migrant labour workers who went on strike
in Qatar over low pay are being deported, their co-workers have told Doha

The men were reportedly arrested at their labour camp in
Doha earlier this week after refusing to work for a third consecutive day.

A camp supervisor hit several of the men with a piece of
plastic pipe when they refused to be detained, the co-workers said. The
situation escalated into a fight.

Doha News said when it visited the camp on Monday it saw
a supervisor with a black eye and a fresh cut on his cheekbone, which the
workers claimed was inflicted during the fight, but the man declined to discuss
his injuries.

The men, from countries including Nepal, India, Sri Lanka
and Bangladesh, are construction workers employed by Qatar Freelance Trading
and Contracting as well as Qatar Middle East Co, the website said.

According to Nepali daily Kantipur, the strike
started when they were ordered to work on Friday evening, the only day they
usually have off.

However, Doha News reported the co-workers said
Friday’s incident followed ongoing complaints about pay, accommodation and
working conditions.

They claim they were forced to sign new contracts with
lower pay when they arrived in Qatar and that some workers had not been paid
for October.

They claimed about 800 workers were involved in the
strike, but company managers have downplayed the figure.

The companies have denied the allegations.

Qatar Freelance Trading and Contracting general manager
Hamid Nawaz told Doha News every worker had been paid.

Between 50 and 60 employees had refused to work because
“they wanted [a higher] salary,” he was quoted as saying.

Those are not being deported had asked to go home, he said.

Qatari authorities have announced changes to improve
conditions for migrant workers in the country but international human rights
groups say they do not go far enough.

Paul 5 years ago

The tip of the iceberg - this shows how labourers are generally treated in Qatar and other GCC countries.

@kaptainmirza 5 years ago

Labourers are the often forgotten and sidelined class in the society - lowest wages and if they go on strikes, it is their emotional right.

Deporting low-level, voiceless population is very easy and convenient for white-collared managers.

Just imagine - surviving on just QR.600 a month - how justified is that..?

Jamal 5 years ago

I think it is going to take more than Football 2022 for this country to act with some humanity

Maria 5 years ago

Conditions have to change for them, they are human beings. This situation has escalated to very sad extremes. It's very sad.