100 under 40: The world’s most influential young Arabs
Sun 27 Mar 2016 07:37 AM
Reem Khouri

Reem Khouri

Industry: Technology

Company: Kaamen

Designation: Founder and CEO

Country: Jordan

Age: 34

Reem Khouri learned a thing or two from her former mentor
and boss, Aramex founder Fadi Ghandour. Having worked for him as manager of CEO
operations for six years from 2007, Khouri developed a passion for supporting
entrepreneurs and social inclusion. Five months after leaving Aramex, she
launched her own firm, Kaamen, in April 2014.

Kaamen, which means untapped potential in Arabic, is an
enterprise that creates and implements profitable social investments and
programmes that allow organisations to benefit from the returns and potentially
become leaders of social progress. It works by partnering with other
enterprises, governments, non-profit organisations and communities. The firm is
based on Khouri’s belief that in the long-term profit can only be sustainable
if societies become part of the business model.

The 34-year-old also serves on the board of directors of
non-profit organisation Ruwwad, which helps underprivileged or troubled
communities in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt overcome marginalisation
through youth activism, civic engagement and education.

Khouri is on several other boards including the Ruwwad Micro
Venture Fund, Ethaar Journeys and Nakhweh.

She currently works between Jordan, Palestine and Saudi
Arabia and has plans to expand into Asia and the US.