100 under 40: The world’s most influential young Arabs
Sun 27 Mar 2016 07:37 AM
Omar Samra

Omar Samra

Industry: Culture and society

Designation: Entrepreneur, adventurer

Country: Egypt

Age: 37

It does not get much more exciting than Omar Samra’s life.
He is best known for being the first Egyptian to climb Mount Everest and the
Seven Summits and ski to both the Geographic South and North Poles. The
adventurer reached the highest point on Earth in 2007 and completed the Seven
Summits challenge in 2014, becoming the first Egyptian to complete the
“Explorer’s Grand Slam”.

But Samra’s impressive list of accomplishments does not stop
with physical endurance. The 37-year-old graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with
a major in economics and a minor in business administration and earned an MBA,
particularly concentrating in entrepreneurship, from the London Business School
in 2007. Two years later he founded Wild Guanabana, a carbon-neutral travel
company specialising in ethical and adventure travel. Guanabana has offices in
Cairo and Dubai, where Samra lives.

Samra had worked at HSBC in London and Hong Kong
for two-and-a-half years before he threw it in to embark on a 370-day journey
across 14 countries in Asia and Latin America that sparked his fascination with
travel and adventure. Where to next Samra?