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Sun 27 Mar 2016 07:37 AM
Lama Younis

Lama Younis

Industry: Culture and society

Company: Hissah Enrichment Centre

Designation: Founder

Country: UAE (Saudi Arabia)

Age: 33

“You were born unique and you should continue your life
journey being unique.” Lama Younis is without a doubt unique. The Saudi
national is a forensic psychologist, criminologist, and founder of Hissah
Enrichment Centre. As a Saudi woman, it was not easy for Younis to acquire the
three titles, which is why she is also an advocate for personal and social
improvement and hopes to push women in the GCC to “follow what they really want
to be”.

Her enrichment centre, named after her mother and launched
in 2013, focuses on the prevention of child abuse and the empowerment of its
victims in the region. It also works to enrich interpersonal skills, develop
personal empowerment, and improve social relationships on personal and
professional levels for adults, youth and children.

Younis completed her counselling psychology studies at Effat
University in Saudi Arabia in 2005. She then went on to obtain a Master’s
Degree in Criminology and Forensic Psychology from Middlesex University in
London, after which she finished her PhD in Childhood Studies in the UK.