100 under 40: The world’s most influential young Arabs
Sun 27 Mar 2016 07:37 AM
Aya Chebbi

Aya Chebbi

Industry: Culture and society

Designation: Activist

Country: Tunisia

Age: 27

Aya Chebbi, an award winning Pan-Africa feminist, activist
and blogger, started her activism at summer camps, as a peer educator on sexual
health and HIV/AIDS and as a Red Crescent volunteer.

As a children’s mentor, Aya helped direct a national
organisation for Tunisian children, improving to improve their lives and
protect their rights. She organised workshops and events for orphans,
handicapped and hospitalised kids, mainly suffering from cancer.

After the 2011 revolution in Tunisia, she volunteered at the
refugee camps on the Tunisian-Libyan borders to help Libyan children during the
refugee crisis.

She considers that her life’s mission is to put smiles on
children’s faces.

She has spoken widely about social movements worldwide for
conferences and rallies in the US, Canada, Poland, Turkey, Kenya, Ethiopia and
South Africa, among other countries. She is also a regular guest speaker at
settings such as the African Union and the United Nations.

In recognition of her achievements, Aya was named as one of Africa’s
most Outstanding Young Women Leaders in 2013.

Aya has travelled to over 20 African countries working with
young people and represented Africa internationally for the past four years.
She considers her life’s mission uniting North Africa with the rest of the
continent based on her pan-African vision, changing the narratives about
Tunisia, Africa and the Middle East and promoting youth agenda regionally and internationally.