2014 Construction Week Power 100
Sun 22 Jun 2014 01:01 PM
William Haddad

William Haddad

Company: MACE

Designation: Chairman

William Haddad’s passion for construction remains undiminished despite the best part of 46 years in the business in which time he has built his mechanical and civil engineering company into a powerhouse.

The affable Palestinian was fittingly presented with a Lifetime Achievement award at our annual Construction Week Awards last December.

At the awards, Haddad was complimented for the way in which he had managed to foster strong relationships among the firm’s employees.

Haddad said 2014 promises to show better turnover than the second half of 2013. And in anticipation of a wide range of projects slated for 2015, he said MACE has taken to recruiting senior staff in almost all of its departments to meet ever-changing requirements of both its clients and consultants.

He said: “MACE is looking at further investment and involvement in construction and long term operations and maintenance works related to sewerage treatment works and networks in the GCC.

“Such works with our joint venture partner Aqualia of Spain has been a success where assets have been made to exceed their expected life by first-class maintenance.

“MACE’s history in the oilfields of Libya and KSA in the past years taught us to develop operation and maintenance works alongside construction. This principle affords companies to survive the lean periods of construction and retain their good personnel and work teams.”

The company has also set up a new business unit called MACE ODESI. Its function is to provide services which capture, model and manage 3D & 2D engineering and asset information.

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