2015 Construction Week Power 100
Mon 15 Jun 2015 05:34 AM
Samer Khoury

Samer Khoury

Company: consolidated contrators company (CCC)

Designation: President – Engineering & Construction

In 2014, CCC lost the last of its three founding fathers, 91-year-old Said T Khoury. Following his passing, Khoury’s three sons, Wael, Tawfic, and Samer, took charge of the Greece-based contracting giant, the latter becoming president of its engineering and construction operations.

At present, the CCC is involved in more than 50 projects across the GCC, Africa, Astralia, Kazakhstan and south-east Asia. It enjoys a particularly strong reputation within the Middle East’s oil and gas sector, and is supporting dualisation activities at Oman’s 119.7km-long Adam-Thumrait road project.