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Mon 15 Jun 2015 05:34 AM
David Barwell

David Barwell

Company: Aecom

Designation: Middle East CEO

David Barwell is used to compartmentalising his professional life. On the one hand, he is regional chief executive – Middle East for Aecom Technology Corporation. At the same time, he fulfils the role of regional chief executive at Cansult Maunsell Limited.

Barwell has been helping to deliver technical professional services for more than 20 years. Before moving to the Middle East, he served as chief operating officer for Aecom in Australia and New Zealand.

With a background in the fields of rail and transit, Barwell has also been involved in the planning and design of urban mass transit systems for major cities, including London, Hong Kong, Manila, Sydney and Brisbane. With this in mind, it’s fairly safe to assume that Aecom’s regional technical chief is eyeing upcoming contracts connected to the GCC Railway Network, not to mention the work being driven by Middle Eastern infrastructure investment.

Under Barwell’s leadership, Aecom was awarded a contract to supply pre-programme management consultancy services and trained staff to support the planning and design work for Jeddah Metro. This project comprises a metro, trams, and 293km of track, in addition to a 750km-long bus network and supplementary water taxis.

Barwell is also interested in alternative project delivery. He has been active in alliance contracting, serving on alliance boards to deliver Australian transit projects.

Within the academic sphere, Barwell is an engineering graduate of the UK’s Brighton university. He is also a
Fellow of the Institution of Engineers in Australia, and a corporate member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.