2015 Construction Week Power 100
Mon 15 Jun 2015 05:34 AM
Luay Khoury

Luay Khoury

Company: Projacs

Designation: President

Bahrain-based Projacs International, under the leadership of CEO and president Louay Khoury, is preparing for a major business expansion by diversifying its portfolio, beyond its core building projects and into new markets, after achieving 12% revenue growth over the past year.

Said Khoury: “Our focus would be infrastructural types of projects including transportation, water and power. To do this, we have been entertaining the idea of a strategic alliance/partnership with a well-reputed international company specialising in this field. I feel that this will create a big opportunity for Projacs over the coming year and would reflect positively on the overall business.”

The company does not underestimate the task of forming a new partnership/strategic alliance. “Merging two cultures and operations to execute one unified business plan and creating a profitable business come with many challenges that we have to face,” added Khoury.

“We also continue to face other external challenges that are natural consequences of the current economic and political situation in the Middle East. Obviously, those challenges have been considered in our business plan and we are well prepared to handle them.”

The company’s main Middle East markets are currently KSA, Qatar and the UAE, followed by Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain – but the company has a broad spread of recently completed, ongoing and future works right across the region, including hotels and resorts, retail, residential, healthcare and public sector buildings.

Corporate social responsibility is taken seriously at Projacs. Its most visible CSR initiative is the company’s involvement with the Palestinian Museum, which is to be a centre for the promotion of culture, history, peace and education in Palestine.