2015 Construction Week Power 100
Mon 15 Jun 2015 05:34 AM
Ahmad Al Hatti

Ahmad Al Hatti

Company: Cayan

Designation: Chairman

Ahmed M. Alhatti is president and chairman of the board at Cayan Group, a respected property developer within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia market. Alhatti has previously held managerial positions at Saudi British Bank and American International Group, and has now been with Cayan Group for 11 years.

Cayan has employed 60 staff in its KSA and Dubai offices during the past year, and both sites boast 5 qualified engineers and 23 female staff. Cayan has allocated a total sum of $91,000 (AED 331,000) to its employee training programmes for the current year.

The firm’s most notable project completed between Jin the past twelve months has been the Layaly Compound project, which is a full-service residential compound located in the Jasmine neighbourhood of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The group is currently studying a further regional opportunity which will, through a joint venture with a reputed real estate firm, involve the construction of a mixed-use complex comprising residential, commercial, hotel and retail developments.

“There is a great need for all types of housing, including affordable and expensive housing, apartments and towers in Saudi Arabia. The market is still growing, which makes it the perfect time to invest. There are minor challenges facing the business currently; but on the contrary, we believe that the real estate sector is becoming healthier especially, in KSA and UAE,” said Alhatti.