2015 Construction Week Power 100
Mon 15 Jun 2015 05:34 AM
Emad Jaber

Emad Jaber

Company: Lacasa

Designation: Founder

Emad Jaber is co-founder of Lacasa Architects and Engineering Consultants, which was formed in 2006 and offers complete design, engineering and construction services.

The firm is based in Dubai with offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Australia, and was started by Jaber and Nabil Al Khaja.

Lacasa continued to grow following its formation even during the global financial crash, due to its diverse approach to all aspects of the business.

It was recently involved in the construction of one of the most ambitious residential projects in Jordan, the Palace Residences, which have been designed to cater for the most affluent of the nation’s population and is sited in the embassy district of the capital city Amman.

Among the company’s 2015 projects is the 1,500-student Al Rayhaan American School in Ramallah Palestine, which saw Jaber break ground alongside the prime minister of the country Rami Al Hamdallah.

The development is part of a government drive to bring back Palestinian expatriates to boost the country’s economic prospects, both through their business and management skills and their wealth.

Jaber is also committed to developing the next generation of professionals in the design and build business, both through an employment strategy that targets recent UAE graduates and a competition his company is currently running to give students the chance to design a new school.

Jaber is 54-years-old and grew up in Palestine, before studying in Jordan. He moved to the UAE and began working as a contract supervisor prior to founding Lacasa.