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Sat 28 Sep 2013 10:49 AM

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28% of young UK people 'do not trust Muslims' - poll

Results of BBC Radio 1 survey indicate need to educate young people about Islam

28% of young UK people 'do not trust Muslims' - poll
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More than a quarter of young adults in Britain do not trust Muslims, the results of a BBC Radio 1 poll has suggested.

Of the 1,000 18 to 24-year-olds questioned, 28 percent said Britain would be better off with fewer Muslims, while 44 percent said Muslims did not share the same values as the rest of the population.

Another 60 percent thought the British public had a negative image of Muslims, according to the poll which was published by BBC Online.

Akeela Ahmed, from a cross-government working group on anti-Muslim hatred, was quoted as telling the BBC: "These findings indicate that we need to ensure young people are mixing at local levels and that they're working on projects together so that people can get to know Muslims and vice versa."

Made up of civil servants, academics, and members of the Islamic community, the group was launched last year and its job is to advise the government on how to tackle prejudice.

Other findings in the survey, conducted in June, included only three in 10 think Muslims are doing enough to combat extremism in their communities.

However the results also showed that overall young people are more likely to agree (48 percent) than disagree (27 percent) that Islam is a peaceful religion.

Young people also said they are divided over whether or not immigration is good for Britain overall. Two-fifths (42 percent) said it is a good thing but more than a third (35 percent) disagreed.

The government group said constant negative media coverage on Islam was shaping people's views.

Figures from the Metropolitan Police released in August suggest there has been a 61 percent rise in anti-Muslim crime in London over the past year, the BBC reported.

General Musharaf 6 years ago

Since when did they ever trust us?...
the question is should we the trust the English?

AlexTT 6 years ago

"General" They never did, never will (trust you) why should they??
Should you trust them, who cares, I'll say turn their Visas and wellfare down, that would show them how little you think of them, that should teach them a lesson ;-)

Victory 6 years ago

Whenever fundamentalists of any religion attack innocent people in shopping centres, blow themselves up on buses or metro systems or cut off people's heads in the street then it will obviously have an impact on how that religion is perceived.
Until and unless the radical parts of Islam are contained, then this perceived notion will be difficult to change.

Unfortunately, again, it is the minority creating issues for the majority.

It is sad that we cannot all live along side each other and show respect, tolerance and restraint.

Dubai in this regard is a model to praise. This tolerance is supported by the acceptance that any expat misbehaving will be imprisoned and deported (deterrent) and a robust network of enforcement and intelligence.

Billy 6 years ago

General, foreign Muslims by the thousands trust the English enough to try and gain residence there (incidentally don't see that happening in Pakistan. Wonder why?). The problem then is that having been trusted by the English enough to offer residency those same people then refuse to accept the English way of life, march in protest at not being understood, bleat and whine about how British law needs to accommodate Sharia principles (why on earth should we do that in a Christian country) whilst at the same time bleeding money from the state instead of working for a living.

Richard 6 years ago

Spot on Billy!

General - you have the incredible audacity to make a statement such as the one you just have? You - when you were supposedly running that country - were happy to take millions, probably billions of dollars from the UK, without so much as a "thank you" -for years and years and just exactly where has it all gone??? Certainly there's little or no evidence of the money having been spent for the benefit of your people - just look at the mess the country is in now! Corrupt, devious and downright dishonest - which is exactly why no civilized, educated and responsible countries trust you. And I suspect that you can apply the same criteria to the hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who have bailed out of Pakistan and fled to where??? To England - because they don't trust you or their country either!

So I dare you to apply that description to the "English".

Paul 6 years ago

The fact that the moderate Muslims, do not speak out loud and clear that those terrorist actions are sinful and offensive to their religion, they fail to distance themselves from the radicals.
This does not leave too much of an option that to perceive their silence as endorsement.
On the other hand when a western draws a cartoon, you can see the entire clan fiercely united inciting violence!

epm 6 years ago

I don't see English people trying to gain a Pakistani passport, and only 28% I'd think more like 3 out of 4.

Ali 6 years ago

Moderate Muslims have always spoken against terrorism. However when people like you cover their ears with their hands, you will not hear them speaking out.
In other words, you do not want to hear or see actions moderate Muslims take against terrorists, because that will spoil your grand standing generalizations

Abdullah 6 years ago

Agree with both of you (Paul and Ali)...Yes there is a stereotype but also Western media doesn't want to show the moderate Muslims. In addition, moderate Muslims are also at times fearful of being labelled by "heretics" by denouncing the acts of "fellow Muslim brothers", the paranoia is the reason why many moderate Muslims (not all) turn a blind eye to such acts...