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Sat 14 Nov 2009 12:27 PM

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30,000 Kuwait gov’t staff get pay without work - paper

Another 20,000 public sector employees attend work for just 1-2 hours a day maximum.

Close to 30,000 government employees in Kuwait's public sector are receiving full salaries and bonuses despite not working, according to a report on Saturday.

The Kuwaiti daily Al Watan Daily reported that around another 20,000 public sector employees attend to their duties for just one or two hours a day maximum.

It added that several such employeesreport to their department merely to sign in while other individuals sign them out on their behalf because they are relatives or friends, or in some cases, even for money.

Al Watan Daily claimed that studies and reports by some ministries show that the 30,000 employees receive their full salaries and bonuses despite not working because they have wasta through MPs, former MPs and other influential people.

According to the daily's sources many faithful undersecretaries and managers have attempted to take action against such employees, but have been warned by higher officials not to interfere.

In some cases they have been threatened that their chances for promotion would be lowered.

The reports showed that 90 percent of those employees work at ministries and government bodies while 10 percent work in sensitive government bodies, Al Watan Daily concluded.

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Anil 10 years ago

About 4-5 weeks back few gentlemen from gulf countries were discussing about sending back expatriates from gulf countries .I think from this post they can verywell realise what will happen if all expatriates will go from their countries.I have stayed in Gulf countries for 12 years . I found Bahraini and Iraqi (particulary women) are loyal to their work/country.

pebble 10 years ago

Enough reason to start another round of 'grillings' by some MP! One wonders when will if ever serious progress and development happen in this country.

Tessa Allen 10 years ago

This goes to the root of the problem in Kuwait...everyone wants there slice of the pie but think they have a god given right to have it and not earn it........maybe some of them should follow JFK's lead and "ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country".....I wonder every day when I go to work what future all the youngsters have riping up the Gulf Road in their souped up expensive cars all day long.....sadly they dont know any different and think the state or family will always be there to fund them

Idi Amin 10 years ago

This is brilliant. More power to the Kuwaiti people. If they can afford to pay people for not working I salute them. People all around the world are paid by the government for not working. So why not in Kuwiat?

Human 10 years ago

This is not something specific to Kuwait. This is indeed proportional to the population of any under developed country. This should be used as a reference point to begin the clean up process. After all we are all Huamn.

Kripa Shanker 10 years ago

Leave this subject up to Kuwaiti people & Government to think. Do you think any others has right to speak on this? People are happy, Govt is happy then why one has any problem?

Hasan 10 years ago

Well said Tessa Allen, and may I add that a society that promotes complacency is doomed for degeneration...it's not about the money, and it's not about people getting support from government, but it boils more down to the quality and substance of such people...how will they be more competent, and how will they raise better generations when they themselves are used to getting the money without actually earning it...you cannot buy competence

gordon 10 years ago

this makes a pleasant change from 30,000 workers with no pay

Kevin 10 years ago

Well ok, the report is out..! so now lets see what will the government do to rectify this... is there any more evidence as to why localization is not accepted by many companies - but still government law states a minimum percentage of locals must be hired in companies with xyz pay (which is 3 to 5 times higher).

martin Shinners 10 years ago

Kirpa, the purpose of this forum is for people to voice their opinion. If everyone took your advise there would be no public forum. As far as I can see any comments made have been made with good logical foundations. People getting paid for doing no work means other workers are picking up the slack and promotes laziness..