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Tue 15 May 2018 02:51 PM

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Dubai tech start-up is taking plastic pollution head on

Brand View: Washmen, a Dubai laundry tech company, starts a recycling programme to minimise plastic waste

Dubai tech start-up is taking plastic pollution head on

Can you believe in 1950 the world was producing 1.5 million tons of plastic and by 2016, this increased to more than 300 million?

This horrible reality doesn’t seem slow down: by 2040 plastic production will double and by 2050 there will be more plastic waste than fish in the sea!

Evidence that an enormous area of rubbish twice the size of France, is floating in the Pacific Ocean.

This mass of waste made of 79,000 tons of plastic debris, is 16 times larger than what was previously estimated.

While, most corporations ignore the issue, smaller players seem to be more proactive in taking this challenge head-on with care, speed and agility.

In the UAE for example, Washmen, a Dubai start-up operating in the laundry space, has recently launched a recycling programme to minimise plastic waste.

“We were aware that our service, like any other in the laundry industry, creates a lot of plastic waste that goes directly in and out of our customers’ homes. While, both for hygienic reasons and operational excellence, we cannot reduce the amount of plastic, we can take action by looping the waste back into our everyday cycle. This will result in a significant decrease in plastic production and procurement,” says Jad Halaoui chief operating officer of Washmen.

Through transparent communication, starting with an email, Washmen has directly involved  customers requesting them to join forces and be part of the solution.

Via the 'Washmen Recycling Programme', customers are invited to return all their Washmen extra waste such as:  unused Washmen plastic bags, Washmen hanger covers, and even non-plastic items like cardboard material and the wire hangers which comes with the Washmen order.

By simply gathering these items into a Washmen bag, customers can leave all their potential recyclables for pick-up alongside their next order. The items will be recycled and properly reused throughout the Washmen future operations.

“We strongly believe that this initiative can have a major impact. If a business like ours that runs on low-operating margins with lean resources can pull this off, larger companies have no excuse to shy away from their responsibilities,” adds Nelio Leone, director of growth marketing, Washmen.

The world of social media positively reacted to this official Washmen action, immediately encouraging the initiative by inviting larger companies to do the same.

“The wave of enthusiasm that our recycling program generated in such a short amount of time  within our own customer base has really provided a humbling effect on the whole Washmen team,” adds Leone.

“This is a sign that we are scaling without sacrificing our own beliefs, but most importantly we are connecting even more with our customers rather  than detaching from them the more we grow as a company. The implementation of this recycling program is just a small step in the right direction.”

For more information about Washmen, visit or download here. +971 4 7706822.

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