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Fri 20 Dec 2013 01:53 PM

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40hr work week for Saudi private sector 'within 3 months'

The new proposals will become law once the Council of Ministers have approved them

40hr work week for Saudi private sector 'within 3 months'

Saudi’s new work laws governing a 40-hour, five-day work week for private sector employees will come into force within three months, it was reported.

Labour Minister Adel Fakeih told a Eastern Province Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting the changes were among 50 amendments proposed to the Labour Law.

The Shoura Council on Monday adopted a number of these amendments, including reduction of total weekly working hours from 45 to 40, he said, according to the Saudi Gazette.

It also backed making a working contract unlimited if it was renewed three times and if the total employment period had reached four years.

The proposals will become law once the Council of Ministers approved them.

Fakieh said that 90 percent of Saudi employees (1.3 million) in the private sector made more than SR3,000 ($800) a month.

“The financial support extended by the government so as to enable the private sector to give attractive salaries to Saudi employees would cover 58 sectors, in addition to the private school sector,” he was quoted as saying.

He said an extra government support scheme would be implemented within two months to cover all other sectors.

Fakieh said domestic helpers would be hired from nine new countries with an agreement with India to be signed within a week,  ahead of further deals with Nepal and Vietnam.

“The ministry is also checking the cost of hiring domestic workers in other Gulf states and similar countries so as to ensure whether any changes are to be made in the Kingdom,” he said.

Mohammed MH 6 years ago

What about Qatar? This country always follows Saudi footsteps.

Tariq shafi 5 years ago

had it been implemented as Law or yet to be made Law. As I have got a recent offer from a Saudi company but with 48 hrs work week.