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Thu 25 Jun 2009 06:43 AM

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47% say cheap metro fares will not entice them - poll

Arabian Business survey suggests RTA announcement has left many unconvinced.

Not even cheap fares seem to be enough to entice Dubai’s drivers away from their cars and onto the metro after a survey revealed almost half of people said they will still drive to work every day.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) unveiled fares for the metro system this week, revealing that a standard ticket will cost between AED2.50 ($0.68) and AED6.50 ($1.8).

But an online survey by Arabian Business revealed opinion is still divided on whether the metro will become a popular mode of transport in the city.

A total of 47.2 percent of respondents said the cheap fares would make no difference to their daily commute while another 33.6 percent of people said they would use it every day at the prices stated.

Fares vary according to the type of ticket and the distance travelled. An electronic top up or ‘No.1’ card will cost AED2.30 to travel within one of the city’s five zones, and AED5.80 for longer journeys.

Gold card holders, who can use the most comfy cabins, will have to pay AED4.60 and AED11.60 respectively, while senior citizens and students will be charged just 90 fils and AED2.90.

Only 9.4 percent of people surveyed thought the system will be overcrowded and just 9.8 percent said it will be busy on the weekend, but not midweek.

What do you think about the Dubai Metro? Post your comments below.

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Juliette 11 years ago

Having lived in cities where the majority of people rely on public transport, I naively ventured to take the bus when I first moved to Dubai- 3 hours to get home from Media City to Satwa. About one an a half of that hours was spent waiting for a bus with an available seat in the lady compartment and even then it was 3 of us sharing 2 seats. So you can imagine my delight at the thought of the metro operating soon, but all these articles about the low fares leave out one essential point: how are people supposed to arrive to the metro? I live a 20 min walk away which is not a really pleasant stroll in a suit with temperatures of 40c. They mentioned small buses a few months ago? Is that a certain thing or still in "planning" stages?

isabel 11 years ago

my thoughts exactly Juliette, I work in Jebel Ali so the metro will be useless unless there is a proper bus link system in place, to take the metro users to the buildings and warehouses in the area. A 2-3 km walk at 40C, I don't think so.

BM 11 years ago

totally agree with you juliet, the metro sounds nice for those who work and live near the line or stations. Coming from Bombay and have used only public transport to get to college and work...we could estimate how long it will take a from one end of the city to the other and drivers dont throw ladies out becoz there are no-ladies seats in the bus! I hold a license for 12 years but never bought a car but was forced to last year as I started to work in Dubai Media City and seriously to get hold of a bus was a living nightmare from DMC to Satwa...wait 45-50 mins for the bus to arrive and when it does we ladies are left out in the heat and reasons cited by the driver was "sorry safety rules". And the worst time was there was a lady who was pregnant , living in Deira , commuting by the bus everyday and even she was not considered by the driver , "safety rules", I was shocked it was safe for her to be standing on the bus stop in the heat but not that the driver would rather take her in the bus and make one of the gents get up from their seat. I think RTA should teach their drivers a little logic and allow them to make exceptions especially during the summers....or have a LADIES BUS!! Well 2 months of this drama finally made me to take a car though I was running a tight budget but it was not worth trying to use the public transport and u know for cabs from media city you have to pay through the nose!! hopefully when the bus network to and from the metro is more diverse I will sell my car and use public transport! Cabs are unaffordable now anyways!!

sheraz 11 years ago

Ladies !!!!....that's just two of you !....there's a million and half population that thinks otherwise ! what's with you all ?....is there anything you like about our country, you wouldn't be here if the country you come from gave you these comforts. So, let's appreciate all the good that Dubai has offered you and will continue to offer you in the years to come. Remember, you have a choice, stay and enjoy the hospitality or !!!!!

Raj 11 years ago

It is very obvious that people who work in jebel ali will not want to go for the metro service as they are unsure abt the connecting transport mode to their workplace.. either the RTA or company will have to provide that service... On the other hand their are poeple who will say if even 20 - 30% start moving into metro the roads will be less crowded so they will bring their cars as it provides flexibility ... Personally in two minds as i travel from shj to jebel ali so paying approx 15-20 aed daily will not make sense so i better drive at my convenience as anyways i spend less on fuel.. I would like the metro project to be success as less the number of cars on the road less of polution .

Markus 11 years ago

Supposedly, Dubai has earned a reputation for being poor value for money, and you can come up with many arguments and examples to support this, however, there seems little mention about the other reputation associated with Dubai, whining expats, Dubai is home to the most stuck up, obnoxious, and in many instances unskilled expats in the world, they seem to feel entitled to way too many things they are not supposed to be entitled to, so Dubai is blamed for the lack of public transport, what does Dubai do buys buses, but there are too many expats who clamor to come to Dubai, and they complain about the heat, so Dubai builds the first system of air-conditioned bus stop shelters, so Dubai is accused of being eco-unfriendly, and the buses take too long, so Dubai adds more cabs, the streets are congested with expats with their first decent cars they ever bought, and they complain about the traffic....so Dubai builds the metro and prices is it adequately to the expats shock, cannot complain about the prices? boooo, lets complain about how to get to the metro stations. Whine… whine… whine, and then take out loans you never dreamed you can get, break free and run away, ..and whine about Dubai.....so the streets are less congested, the metro is pleasant to ride, the roads are more accessible and the expats who actual helped build Dubai for the past 30 + years are happy again that the whiners have left, real estate bust? Who cares...life is pleasant and whine free again

asif 11 years ago

I have heard this comment/suggestion often i.e. if you like dubai stay here or choice is yours. if a large portion of population will take the second choice imagine what will happen to this wonderful city. Yes we all appreciate what dubai has offered but expat has played a role in creating that wonder. we live and work here we should have all the right to criticise, comment or put up our ideas - thats what will make this city more wonderful

BM 11 years ago

sheraz it is not just 2 ladies complaining, I am sure there are many more!! you just heard from 2 of us!!! there is nothing wrong with public transport ....I have used it for 4 years even through my pregnancy...but the point is from DMC it is difficult to get transport! it is easy for you to say it is just the 2 of you....when you have waited for an hour for the bus and when it finally arrives and the driver tells you that he cant take you becoz there is no ladies seat available then you tell me how you feel and in 40 degrees temperature!! specially during peak hours go and try one of the busy bus stops and you will understand what I mean!! the Bus transport is much better now I definately agree with that, more frequency of buses and the conditions of the buses if much much better and many routes have the new buses which are very comfortable....at least there are lesser queues at the bus stations ...either due to the RTAs efficiency or may be people have actually taken your advise and left the country (I guess a bit of both)!! I still use the bus as getting into Bur Dubai is a terrible task as there is no parking so we use the BUS!!! so yeah I am not complaining....it is just that the ladies seats need to be increased and drivers should understand and differentiate situations and act accordingly!! How often do you use the public transport?? How many times have you had the experience of being stranded at the bus stop!! Everybody can't afford cabs everyday!! I dont think you are getting the point of what I am trying to say!! But yes, the METRO is definately welcome....would love to use is if it saves the hassle of traffic and parking!! Its just how to get to your office or home from the station that is worrying everyone!! Lets wait for it to start...it is just a matter of time till people get used to the idea of leaving their airconditioned cars to wait for bus to get to the metro! but it is a boon for the working class!!

paul 11 years ago

Markus, I can only assume your last post was intentionally ironic. I read it and it sounded rather like a whine from an expat about all the other expats whining.

Dubaitank 11 years ago

The most interesting thing i find about Arabian Business is the posts by readers. And this is my take on the different persona types. There are the whiners, the racists, the supernovas, the knowitalls, the realists, the pacifists, and the list goes on and on and on. Here's my take on the whole METRO thing. Some will take it, others won't. Nothing is perfect, are you??? Will this thing be a success... the answer is yes. Why? Give it some time and see how both the car prices as well as the petrol prices skyrocket and add a few more toll gates. This will ensure people use this service. Watch this space and in time you'll understand that a wise man did tell you so. Cheers and have a great weekend.