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Wed 1 Apr 2015 07:19 PM

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479 UAE firms face legal action over labour law violations

Ministry of Labour official says companies referred to public prosecution over issues such as non-payment of wages

479 UAE firms face legal action over labour law violations

The UAE's Ministry of Labour said on Wednesday it has referred 479 companies to the public prosecution for alleged labour law violations.

Inspectors carried out over 288,670 checks to ensure companies were providing a safe workplace and adequate housing for labourers.

Maher Al Obed, assistant undersecretary for inspectional affairs at the ministry said around 17,217 violations were recorded last year, with legal procedures undertaken against each violation.

Many companies were issued with warnings while legal action is being taken against 479 firms for offences including the non-payment of wages, illegal contracts and labour card violations.

He said more than 60 companies allowed workers to work for other companies without permission and 115 hired blacklisted labourers.

Al Obed said: "The inspection sector in the Ministry of Labour is following a strategic plan with two key points - firstly control the labour market and secondly educate and guide labour parties about their rights and duties towards each other."

He added that fines have been imposed on 142 companies for breaking labour laws, while 2,280 others have resolved violations with the ministry over the past year.

A total of 8,888 visits were carried out to labour camps and 4,614 inspections were carried out to work sites nationally to make sure that firms follow occupational health and safety measures.

Al Obed said that the vast majority of companies met the requirements.

Rock 4 years ago

While we're at it:
Can a company add into their labour contract that if you leave before 6 or 12 or 18 months, you must pay for the visa processing and medical etc? If the contract is already signed and it is, in fact, illegal....can they be reported post-departure?

Also, what is the vacation time law? Is this 25 days first year of calendar days (including weekends that we own)? Or is it business days? Not great if your home is 15 hours away by plane.

Anyone know for absolute certain?