50 Richest Indians in the GCC 2016
Mon 15 Feb 2016 04:54 AM
Amit Dhamani

Amit Dhamani

Industry: Retail

Company: Dhamani Jewels

Designation: CEO

Country: UAE

Wealth: 500 Million

As yet another jewellery retailer on our list, Amit Dhamani has made his name — and his money — trading semi-precious stones and diamonds, as well as creating exclusive designs.

Founded by Amit Dhamani’s father in 1969, the family business is now headquartered in Dubai and has operations across the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Thailand, Lebanon, Switzerland and India.

In 2005, Dhamani created an exclusive diamond named after Dubai, the Dubai Cut. Its 99 facets represent each of the holy names of Allah and have helped make the rare stone become one of the most valuable and renowned in the diamond industry.

The company has also successfully launched a men’s collection that takes advantage of the demand for luxury watches in the Gulf. Dhamani’s watch collection often features white diamonds, while there is also a range of bold rings and accessories for men.

Dhamani has also established a reputation as a trusted supplier of loose cut stones to jewellers across the world, thanks to its policy of controlling the ethical sourcing and polishing of all jewels to ensure accountability.

As Dubai’s dominance in the global diamond trade continues to rise, Dhamani is sure to continue its success at a similar pace.