50 Richest Indians in the GCC 2016
Mon 15 Feb 2016 04:54 AM
Dr Birbal Singh Dana

Dr Birbal Singh Dana

Industry: Industry

Company: Dana Group

Designation: Chairman and Managing Director

Country: UAE

Wealth: 310 Million

Dr Birbal Singh dana is a qualified general surgeon who served in the University of Libya for 15 years before moving to Dubai in 1991 to set up the Dana Group of Companies.

The group’s operations span steel processing, cable management systems, hospitals, supermarkets, heaters and water coolers. Its corporate office and showrooms are based in Dubai, but it also has trading companies in India and associate offices in Libya, Iraq, West Africa and South Africa, as well as manufacturing units in the UAE and Libya.

Dr Singh has previously said he was “very naïve” when he first left the medical profession and moved to Dubai: “I am a general surgeon by qualification and my patients never lied to me as they wanted me to understand their illness. However, in business it’s completely different — everybody you come across is incredibly smart and has a hidden agenda”.

Nonetheless, he has successfully built the Dana brand across core industries such as steel, retail and healthcare. The company says it prides itself on practicing the ‘Japanese style of management’ (hourensou), based on frequent discussion and collaboration with all levels of staff.