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Mon 16 Nov 2009 07:03 AM

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500 Emiratis blacklisted over attitude to jobs

Emirates National Development Programme gets tough over lax job seekers.

More than 500 Emirati jobseekers have been placed on a blacklist designed to combat lax work attitudes that include refusing a number of employment offers.

The move has been made by the Emirates National Development Programme (ENDP), UAE daily Gulf News reported on Monday.

ENDP executive director Eisa Al Mulla told the paper that although it was the only emiratisation programme in the country to take such drastic measures, the intent was not to punish.

"What we're trying to do is be a little tough to show we're serious," he was quoted as saying.

The Emiratis were placed on the list for a number of reasons including being too choosy about jobs offered to them on more than six occasions.

All Mulla added that other jobseekers had been blacklisted for not attending interviews and citing reasons such as not being able to wear a uniform or inability to work shifts as an excuse for turning down jobs.

In June, it was reported that an Emirates Emiratisation Council (EEC) to set policies and rules on the integration of UAE nationals into the country’s workforce was to be set up.

It will work to establish a strategy that will support the development of local skills and capabilities to enable Emiratis to compete in the job market.

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munter 10 years ago

They belong to a relatively tiny population with exclusive access to one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds on the planet. It makes sense that the positions they hold are senior white collar roles, not uniform/shift blue collar workers.

Sultan 10 years ago

I dont get it; why Emiratis, be expected to bend backwards so that they can get jobs in their own country. Companies should be forced to offer Emirati job seekrs what they want and not place unreasonable demands like 9 hour working days or wearing uniforms instead of the respectable national dress. The only valid reason for blacklisting is not attending interviews, apart from that, refusing job offers with low salaries like 10k is a perfectly good reason. You cant expect Emiratis to accept 10k or even 15k when so many foreigners get ten times that.

Michael 10 years ago

The thinking by munter is exactly why the UAE population is dwindling compared to the large numbers of expats. The notion that you take an unemployed, unqualified Emirati and put him in a white collar position merely leaves hordes of expats needing to support him/her in their position. While I agree that Emiratis like everybody else should be allowed to turn down a job offer if they do not agree to the conditions, they should accept that when they are unemployed they have to take what they can get. This article refers to UNEMPLOYED Emiratis and they are therefore subject to judged according to experience, suitability etc. Why do expats get 10-15 times the salary than the Emiratis? Because companies realise that expats do not take the job or the employer for granted; they value meeting on time and delivering on time. Keep up that attitude and expats will always have a job available in UAE!

KAR 10 years ago

I can give you better idea....Why bother working? sit at home and get a pay cheque of 20K per month... just make it mandatory for companies to support x number of emiraties based on their size/profits...i think most companies will prefer this option rather than going through the pain of hiring emirates and all things which come "standard" with it... Disclaimer: This is for guys like munter and Sultan, as I trully still believe that vast number of locals especially girls are very dedicated, ambitious and hardworking individuals.

Doug 10 years ago

Sultan, I suspect you're trolling, but I'll bite.... ...expecting your staff to work a full day or wear a uniform is not asking them to 'bend over backwards'. These are standard working practices the world over. Simply being 'an Emirati' doesn't exempt you from them. The sad fact is that these business practices are standard because they mean a company turns a profit. Employers need to make a profit; they are not there simply to provide someone with a salary. If Emiratis are incapable of fulfilling basic corporate expectations, they lose the company money, which means they'll simply shut up shop and leave, or simply hire someone more prepared to actually work for a living. I believe you are also misguided here about the salaries of foreigners in the UAE. The vast majority of foreigners in the UAE earn less that AED3000 a month. Furthermore, Emiratis receive (rightly so) free housing, healthcare and reduced DEWA bills. They also receive interest-free loans payable over 25 years. Unlike expats, Emiratis are not expected to pay the extortionate rent, so essentially, an Emirati's salary is 100% disposable income. Arguably, Emiratis don't even need the same salaries as 'foreign professionals' - since 60-80% of that foreigner's salary has to pay for expenses that don't exist for the Emirati population. Of course, the real solution is to have equal pay, regardless of nationality. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the playing field was truly level.

Bella 10 years ago

With regards to both posts from 'Munter' and 'Sultan', surely what nationality you are shouldn't come into it. If you have the skills and expertise to do the job required for a paticular senior white collar role then fair enough, but if you don't, then what right does anyone have to expect to hold a 'senior white collar role' because they have 'exclusive access to one of the biggest sovereign wealth funds on the planet'? This doesn't mean the individual has the capability, skills, knowledge or experience to perform that role. And whats wrong with working 9 hours a day??! Most senior white collar professionals work above and beyond those hours each and every day.

Shiva 10 years ago

Sultan, I love your attitude and it sums up exactly why 95% of Emiratis work for the government. Why is a 9 hr day an unreasonable working day?

walk the talk 10 years ago

@Sultan, The answer you were searching for is in your first sentence... "I don't get it" 9 hours a day? in case you're still living in the past, 8-9 hours a day of work is the "NORMS" for most of us. Sorry to disappoint you :) These conversations just gets better everyday...

Dan 10 years ago

Munter, Norway has also a very large sovereign wealth fund from oil (I think the same size as UAE’s funds). Norway is a very efficient industrial country, with high work ethics. There are NO hand outs from government. The funds are for the future of Norway and to be used only during difficult times (like the bad economic situation we have now). UAE is a very young nation and has achieved much during this time. I don’t pay attention to the lazy part of the population, but I see some of the young generation Emiratis who are forward thinking and are hungry for success. They put in the hours needed (much more then 9). It’s even more obvious among the young Emirati ladies. Give UAE a few more years and I think this small nation can achieve much more and surprise us all.

Rashed 10 years ago

They should be black listed and job offers should be given to locals who need to work. UAE is a young country and it is a shame that we have artificial unemployment problem. . Its every ones right to work, but no company should be forced to accept any one just because they are locals. I feel sorry my follow locals who can’t find jobs, but if they really need a job they should take what’s available and build on it. Position does not come with experience, it’s experience that brings the position. Many great successful business men in our country stared small and now they run huge companies, and also many good examples of dedicated and hard working local individuals who also represent what we are a bout.