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Tue 29 Jul 2008 10:46 AM

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57% say footrest removal not an issue

Arabian Business poll suggests people will continue to fly Emirates despite economy class weight loss decision.

Footrests, or the rather the lack of footrests on Emirates aircraft, will not send the majority of passenger rushing to find alternative carriers, an Arabian Business poll has revealed.

Airline officials confirmed on Monday that footrests had been removed from economy class in their planes in a bid to save weight as aviation fuel costs rocket.

The removal of footrests follows a previous announcement that all magazines would also be taken away in the weight-loss initiative.

But a majority of people who took part in our online poll on Tuesday said that the comfort of the seats onboard was more important than the lack of footrests.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said as long as the seats were comfortable, they couldn't care less about the footrests.

And a further five percent of people thought the footrest issue was a small price to pay for what is an excellent flying experience overall.

But not everyone was happy and 15 percent said the footrests removal was the final straw and they would not be flying Emirates again.

Another 28 percent of respondents believed Emirates had made a mistake in removing the footrests and while they might remain Emirates customers, they thought a lot of people would consider their options.

While Emirates have removed economy class benefits, company chiefs revealed on Monday that passengers in first class on the new A380 will benefit from a shower spa while business class has a lounge area with a bar plus each seat in business has its own mini-bar.

The surging price of oil, which reached a record $147.12 a barrel on July 11, has forced airlines around the world to look at ways of boosting fuel efficiency while reducing payloads.

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Nida 11 years ago

I think when assessing your results of the survey you failed to take into account all the disgruntled comments from users when they read the article yesterday about Emirates removing the footrests. I, for one, am very disappointed that Emirates is removing the footrests. I used to judge the quality of an airline by whether it provided footrests to economy class passengers or not.

Bruno Veninga 11 years ago

So let's get rid of economy class footrests (which no one uses because they don't have enough place to put their knees anywhere anyway), but lets make business class even less affordable and larger with mini bars, a lounge, and give first class some shower suites because they can't show up at their 5+ star hotel being a little bit flight-worn! Lets save 1 tonne on paper, another on footrests, but add 5 tonnes of minibars, 10 tonnes of 20-inch screens for first class, and 20 tonnes of shower equipment which needs an extra 10 tonnes of water on board... Lets have a good hard think about this shall we? and while we are at it, why don't we reduce economy class luggage allowance to 10kg... As a 6'8" (2.03m) dutch man I am finding these changes more and more ridiculous... not to mention discriminating... should the economy class seats get any smaller I do believe I will consider legal action against aircraft carriers... the worlds population is getting taller, more and more people are able to afford air travel, yet the seats become smaller and smaller for the people who are now wanting to explore the world. How about trying to encourage air travel... reduce first and business class a bit... these people probably don't even (or in most cases anyway) have such opulant luxury at home (for hopefully they will have better taste!), and gain back a little bit of trust and appreciation from the largest percentage of the clientelle... i.e. Economy Class! Airline logic really eludes me, and most people as far as I can see... I don't think it can really be called logic at all...

jan 11 years ago

Next you will have the economy class sit on their suitcases. On your flights you are either a king or a pauper, and the legacy continues.

MB 11 years ago

I am surprised that the lack of footrests in Emirates economy seats is just being 'announced'. None of my five long haul flights this year have had footrests in economy. I think this is a major issue for travellers. Not only does it increase the risk of DVT because you can't elevate your legs, the short seat pitch in Emirates economy makes it extremely uncomfortable!! If it wasn't for Skywards miles, I would be using other carriers because Emirates service continues to decline. How much more do they expect their passengers to bear??

Hussain M 11 years ago

Footrests... there's really no real difference in weight if they are gonna install dedicated minibars to business class and showers for first class, this just goes to show how CHEAP airlines are... infact i wouldn't be surprised in a couple of years if they ask u to put ur children down with the luggage. Removing the footrests is not a major issue... but when it comes to reducing weight...they could've simply switched from steel foot rests to CPVC or some kind of heavy duty thermoplastic.. Japans JAL didn't remove the footrests...what they did was redesign their cabins with lighter plastic materials and lightweight alumin studs... and they even redesigned their spoons n forks. The whole payload issue thing doesn't make sense to me on the long run... removing footrests isn't gonna make a A380 fly faster and more efficiently when there are minibars serving chardonnay up front...

Sunny 11 years ago

Well EK may just lose a handful of customers by adapting such cost cutting measures. More importantly the value to customers shall not be negotiated upon. EK has been known for its comfort and value although on a small scale, they are bringing it down. I think EK flyers can yet bear a slight increase in prices than decreased comfort. I hope EK isn't trying to be a budget carrier with conventional prices. When u have so many of them around, one would rather purchase a first class ticket with them for the same price as EK economy.

annlar 11 years ago

"Next you will have the economy class sit on their suitcases. On your flights you are either a king or a pauper, and the legacy continues." Yeah, sure, and why not. We are not deserving. Anything below biz or first class is only fit to enrich these two and cater to their comfort. Let's not forget "the Moor has done his./her work now the moor may go". It's a known fact that in Arab nations the human factor/ the human does not count if not rich and/or native born at least.

Colin Tang 11 years ago

I recently flew Sydney-Morocco on Emirates. I found that the removal of the footrest caused great discomfort as the front edge of the seat kept constant pressure behind my knees. From a medical perspective this is a highly dangerous situation as this will reduce the blood circulation to the rest of the leg and will increase the risk of DVT. I will not be flying Emirates again for this very reason. Thank you, Colin Tang

Nicole 8 years ago

Funny, I have never flown until next month and while researching airlines, I will not be flying Emirates. Shame, before this issue I had heard good things.

Belinda 8 years ago

I flew Etihad and as I am only 160cm tall my feet didn't even reach their footrests. I ended up using my backpack to sit my feet on to be more comfortable so removing them really doesn't affect short people like me if you can improvise.