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Wed 11 Nov 2009 03:36 PM

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9,518 more caught speeding after limit is reduced

Dubai drivers nabbed after speed limit cushion is lowered by 10km/h on main roads.

An additional 9,518 vehicles on Dubai’s roads were fined for speeding in the first five days of November after the speed limit “cushion” was lowered by 10 km/h.

The Dubai police targeted some of Dubai’s main thoroughfares, including Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Ain Road, in the crackdown, Brigadier Mohammed Saif Al Zafin told UAE daily Emarat Alyoum.

The speed limit cushion at which radars flash speeding vehicles was reduced by 10km/hr from 20km/hr on November 1.

The new rule only applies to trucks, buses and taxis but the Dubai Police expects the move to result in a 10 percent drop in serious accidents.

As of November, if the speed limit on a road is 100km/hr, the fixed and mobile radars register vehicles travelling at 111km/hr instead of at 120km/hr.

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Sunny 10 years ago

How the radar "knows" whether the car is a taxi or a private car?

Scorp 10 years ago

It would be useful to know how the police will differentiate between private cars and taxis without looking at thousands of photos daily. Any clues anyone. Anyway, perhaps it would be better if ALL cars obeyed the new speed limit.

mp 10 years ago

Great, we are almost there! Yes speeding is a big problem but I don't agree that it is the biggest problem. Mirrors and signals seem to be optional here, though the hand movement to use the signal is the same as the hand movement to flash and intimidate people out of the way. I don't know if it taught here but one of the first things we are taught in the UK is MIRROR SIGNAL MANOUVER in THAT order. Yes I do know we are not in the UK but it is the common sense and courtious thing to do. Tailgating MUST be one of the biggest causes of accidents, and I have also heard of many accidents where someone has veered accross all three or four lanes to come off, consiquently colliding with someone. I personally have almost had many accidents where someone has wanted to turn left so has done so right in front of my on coming vehicle causing me to skid to a hault, I honk my horn and I get shown the paitience hand gesture. ME be paitient?? How about YOU give way to whos right of way it is and YOU be paitient and wait your turn! Selfishness, self importance and arrogance I feel are some of the biggest causes of accidents. Anyway, rant over with and I hope you all have a great weekend

Nickyp 10 years ago

A limit should be just that and fixed for all and there should be no cushion other than to account for possible minor errors in the electronics of the speed camera

SUNU 10 years ago

The road speed limit is 60; I am driving at 80, and am trying to keep within 75 at the slow track ! but that rude driver at the back is flashing.. giving horns, screaming, showing all types of gestures , forcing me to speed beyond the limit!! What to do with such immature and illiterate drivers.! Never know when will they learn the lessons!?

Mad Murdoch 10 years ago

By recognising the number plate...

Jean-Pierre Avedis 10 years ago

Most of the Al Khail Road is limited to 80 in speed. Even the big lorries are traveling at 110 plus. Who is watching. Fines should be Dirhams 1000 plus for a 5% overlimit.

john 10 years ago

Along with the number plate a taxi also has a yellow light on the roof saying "Taxi" which is a clever move as makes them easier to see in photos and late at night..! ;-)

Nic 10 years ago

SUNU, get out of the way!! Its drivers like you who cause both accidents and mayhem on the roads. If there is someone faster than you behind you, then you must move to the right. Whether they get fined for that or not, is their business. But the fact of the matter is that you cant crawl your speed on the fastest lane. Period.

Scorp 10 years ago

Yes John, taxis have signs on the roof...great... but will the radar pick that up or the fine be manually attributed by the police viewing every photo? If manually then how many 10's of thousands will the police have to look at daily? And will they even bother?