Burj Al Arab offers free trips for pics in bid to boost Instagram profile

Users got all-expenses-paid trips to Dubai and shared their experiences with their millions of followers
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Influential Instagrammers were flown from all over the world to Dubai.
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The biggest “Insta-meet" ever took place at the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel were Instagram followers enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip in exchange for capturing images to share with their combined millions of followers.
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Instagrammers like Liz Eswein, who snagged @NewYorkCity on Instagram in 2011, and Murad Osmann, @muradosmann, were selected and given the full royal treatment.
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They were flown to Dubai, picked up by a Rolls-Royce Phantom at the airport and gifted $600 worth of Hermes memorabilia.
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Each Instagrammer had their personal butler attending to their needs and queries throught the duration of the trip.
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Burj Al Arab partnered with a company called Beautiful Destinations to select the privileged group.
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The goal of the trip was to create a totally unique experience for the Instagram community, and it certainly served as an effective and cutting edge way to advertise.
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The only rule of the trip was to take and tag photos with @beautifuldestinations and @burjalarab.
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The Burj Al Arab Instagram account grew 400 percent during the trip due to all the publicity it was getting from those who enjoyed the experience.
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The account started with less than 9,000 followers and just days later hit 45,000 followers.
Wed 16 Jul 2014 01:21 PM GST