First pictures from the launch of Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Drive around Ferrari World, the biggest tourism attraction that Abu Dhabi has seen
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Welcome to Ferrari World, the extravagant 40-acre theme park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi
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The automotive-themed amusement park is housed under an immense scarlet roof bearing the Ferrari logo
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If you're unlikely to get the chance to drive a real Formula One car, Ferrari World offers the closest alternative
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The Ferrari-themed park expects to welcome an estimated 10,000 tourists a day
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The park boasts a life-size Scalextric-style track to race around
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The park is expected to become a hub for Grand Prix racing fans
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The entire park is 861,000 sq feet, with a red roof modelled on the side profile of a Ferrari GT
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Among the attractions is the Formula Rossa, a roller coaster with a top speed of about 150 miles an hour
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Aside from the Formula Rossa, the park boasts the V12, a flume ride, the Scuderia Challenge, a racing simulator, and the Pit Wall, where participants make race-day judgment calls
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The park includes more than 20 rides and weatherproof attractions under an iconic 200,000 sq m red roof.
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The Formula Rossa can seat 16 people at a time in four cars in the train, with four riders in each car.
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The park includes a high-tech interactive zone covering Ferrari's history from 1947 to the present
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Ferrari World also recreates the original Galleria Ferrari, a company museum in Maranello, Italy, dedicated to the Ferrari sports car marque
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Visitors can recreate the drama of a real-life Formula One race, with this dual ride
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The Paddock recreates the Ferrari team headquarters at European F1 races, including its transporters, garage and hospitality suites
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Younger children can visit the Junior Training Camp which has an interactive area with a waterless car wash, a custom constructor garage, remote cars and miniature Ferrari boats
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The Ferrari Academy comes with a junior race track and driving circuit
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In the Junior GP, kids can drive reduced-scale Ferrari F430 GT Spiders on a specially equipped driving course
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With the G-force of a Formula 1 car, the Formula Rossa reaches a maximum elevation of 52 metres before plunging to the lowest level at 1.5 metres
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The park traces Ferrari's history, from its earliest cars to its current award-winning Formula One drives
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The Carousel features Ferrari prototypes designed by students from four of the world's best automotive design schools
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The park offers a range of custom memorabilia, from Ferrari Fashion to souvenirs for younger children

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