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Sun 15 Mar 2009 03:50 PM

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Abu Dhabi launches new underground waste system

Latest technology to enable regulated waste collection at central refuse points in emirate.

Abu Dhabi's centre of waste management is launching an electrohydraulic underground waste system across the emirate.

Being implemented in Abu Dhabi for the first time, the technology applied would provide the facility for regulated waste collection at central refuse points.

According to the centre's press release, the new underground system, removes many of the hazards traditionally associated with waste left outside premises, fly tipping and foraging by street cats. The system has a lockable receiver mechanism making it inaccessible to anyone who is does not possess the key to open the unit.

Majed Al Mansouri, Head of the Supreme Committee of Waste Management said: "This is part of our comprehensive efforts to move towards an integrated waste management and to create a better environment for residents, visitors and the business community in the Emirate".

Al Mansouri also highlighted the importance of community participation and a greater sense of ownership of the environment. He also assured that every household covered by the scheme will receive an information pack with details about the new service, supported by a comprehensive communications campaign.

The new underground system will be installed as a pilot project at 31 strategic locations in the Khalidya, Tourist Club Area, the Grand Mosque and across the city of Al Ain to examine the feasibility of the system. The sites have been chosen on several bases such as the volume of generated waste and population densities.

Large containers are encased within a metal frame and then sunk inside a concrete sleeve in the ground. The only visible element of the system at ground level is a steel platform a receiver unit through which the refuse is deposited. Pedestrians, street cleaners and small shops will be able to deposit their waste at street level.

The containers are fitted with sensors sending alerts when full, enabling more efficient waste collection by reducing unnecessary traffic. When the containers are full, specially adapted waste trucks will lift them out of the ground, empty the containers and replace them.

The new underground system will provide centralised and strictly regulated refuse collection facilities for approved users, while barring access to non-approved users and preventing unauthorised dumping of waste, the press note adds.