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Wed 26 Jun 2013 01:22 PM

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Adnoc warns over bogus email job scam

Fake recruitment offers ask candidate to pay a fee for recruitment costs, says Abu Dhabi oil giant

Adnoc warns over bogus email job scam

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (Adnoc) has warned against a fake email scam offering employment in the company and asking respondents to forward money to cover work permits and recruitment costs.

Users had received unsolicited emails with Adnoc’s logo and a signature from a HR executive offering them employment in the UAE energy conglomerate.

“It has been observed that a number of people from different nationalities in the UAE and abroad have been receiving through their emails counterfeited job offers and employment contacts that are sent by inexistent or scam entities offering fictitious jobs,” the company said in a statement.

“The forged job offers ask the victim to remit cash money to cover the work permit, visa application and recruitment fees,” it said.

Adnoc reiterated that it not offer job applications by email, only recruited candidates through face-to-face interviews and always covers the full cost of hiring candidates if they are from overseas.

The warning came as it was announced Adnoc planned to hire 2,500 Emiratis engineers as part of its recruitment and Emiratisation process.

Based in Abu Dhabi, Adnoc and is one of the world's leading oil companies, producing over 2.7 million barrels of oil a day. Established in 1971, it has 15 subsidiary companies working in the various fields of the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry and employs around 23,000 people.

Dlozi Aaron Mavundla 6 years ago

How do I verify if the information given is genuine as I have just been offered a job at ADNOC UK. I am South African and has just been offered a job where I have to start on 03 January 2014 as a Safety Health and Environmental Co - ordinator.

SHan 6 years ago

they do not offer jobs via email. You have been scammed.

Omar Cupido 5 years ago

I also received a emailed job offer. it sounded way too fishy. Please be very careful and don't ever send money to these frautsters. Is there nothing ADNOC can do to prosecute these guys?

Pablo 5 years ago

I too did receive an offer via e-mail, but I was very suspicious since they never interviewed me, so I looked on internet and found this news, now it makes sense.

Khalid Mubarak 5 years ago

I agree 200% with your statement Omar, and I put my voice to this too and ask ADNOC to chase these criminals and take them to court based on the domains they are using, and their stated phone numbers too although non were working for me, I received also an offer for Operations Manager, and from day one I was so unsecured about this, because they have put serious efforts for hiding the obvious scams points in such attempts by using an ADNOC domain, phone numbers in the UK, and the headers of ADNOC letters.

Really impressive I should say, and they kept it in logical sequence too.

ADNOC should clear its name and make sure no one is abusing its world recognized trade mark

Manny 5 years ago

I had the same experience just this week. Although I discovered that it is fake by mere luck. Few weeks ago I received an email requesting my CV for International Petroleum Investment Company and ADNOC for their requirements. I emailed my CV and answered an online interview questionnaires for both. After a few days I received an appointment letter from IPIC for a QA/QC position with a very generous package. I was told to contact Gulf Start Tourism Travel Agency to process my work & residency permit. My contact person is a certain Shehzad Hammad. I was also directed to shoulder first the processing fees which will be reimbursed 5 working days after I sent the scanned copy of the supposedly "processed papers". Just yesterday, to my surprise, I received a carbon copy of all the statements in the IPIC offer on the ADNOC offer. They only changed the figure, the position and the name and address of the agency that will process my work permit - this time its galaxy travel agency.

Manny 5 years ago

The offer is so good. It even included an upfront payment of 75% of your two month salary to settle your pre-employment as
soon as Employees procure and process the relevant Resident/ Work Permit Documents from the agency and submit it to the
Human Resources Department for Verification. So good that I was about to resign in my job since the contract needs me to start in a month.

ADNOC & IPIC and the government of UAE should track and prosecute this scams!

eric arbas 5 years ago

I too received a on line job application and later IPIC send me an email that I was one of the lucky applicant the benefits are very overwhelming so I was suspicious when I research the contact person of gulf star tourism travel agency by the name of shahzed hammad. and all the person who has this name they are all not connected in one of this agency thank god I didnt believe in this scam

Shehu 5 years ago

I can see this is a scam I also recived an offer for employment but what puzzled me is the mouth watering offer and no reference for me to attend interview in an embassy

I have not seen a recruiting firm/agency that finds it difficult to have phone interview with prospective candidates and possubly have a face to face or teleconference

Mutoba 5 years ago

I received the offer, but was taken aback when it mentioned a commission rate of 20 usd per liter, on a delivery of 36,000 liters. Guess the Nigerians have landed in the middle east.