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Sat 19 Mar 2011 03:36 PM

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Allied warplanes go into action to stop Libya bloodshed

French President Nicolas Sarkozy says planes are preventing air attacks on city of Benghazi

Allied warplanes go into action to stop Libya bloodshed
French President Nicolas Sarkozy. (Getty Images)
Allied warplanes go into action to stop Libya bloodshed
Allied warplanes go into action to stop Libya bloodshed
Smoke billows after a Libyan jet bomber crashed after being shut down in Benghazi on March 19. (PATRICK BAZ/AFP/Getty Images)
Allied warplanes go into action to stop Libya bloodshed
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is among the world leaders in Paris. (Getty Images)
Allied warplanes go into action to stop Libya bloodshed
British PM David Cameron. (Getty Images)

French President Nicolas

Sarkozy said Western air forces, with Arab League approval, had

gone into action on Saturday over Libya and were preventing

Muammar Gaddafi's forces attacking the rebel city of Benghazi.

"As of now, our planes are preventing air attacks on the

city of Benghazi," he said adding that military action supported

by France, Britain, the United States and Canada and backed by

Arab nations could be halted if Gaddafi stopped his forces

attacking. French planes were also ready to strike Libyan tanks.

"It's a grave decision we've had to take," Sarkozy said

after meeting British Prime Minister David Cameron, US

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other leaders in Paris.

"Along with our Arab, European and North American partners,

France has decided to play its part before history."

Sarkozy said of the meeting: "Those taking part agreed to

put in place all necessary means, especially military, to

enforce the decisions of the United Nations Security Council.

"This is why, in agreement with our partners, our air forces

will counter any aggression by Colonel Gaddafi's aircraft

against the population of Benghazi," he said.

"As of now, other French aircraft are ready to intervene

against armoured vehicles which threaten unarmed civilians."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who opposes military

action, was also present and said afterwards that Berlin also

agreed that violence in Libya must end.

Sarkozy, briefing reporters but taking no questions, said:

"Colonel Gaddafi has scorned our warnings. In the past few hours

his forces have intensified their murderous offensive."

"The Libyan people need our aid and support. It's our duty,"

Sarkozy said.

"In Libya, a peaceful civilian population that is seeking

only to be able to choose its own destiny has found itself in

mortal danger. It's our duty to respond to their appeal," he


"Today we are intervening in Libya under the U.N. mandate

with our partners and notably our Arab partners. We are doing it

to protect the civilian population from the murderous madness of

a regime that in killing its own people has lost all legitimacy.

"There is still time for Colonel Gaddafi to avoid the worst,

by acting without delay and without reservations in accordance

with all the demands of the international community. The door of

international diplomacy will open again the moment attacks end."

mamakking 9 years ago

Libya will sustain and became stronger than before.

Hillary is only trying to pave her way seeking to topple Obama in the coming Presidential Election, what when she failed to in her first attempt, despite her all out plus attacks on Obama and his barrels.

gabries 9 years ago

THE war is for Libyan oil wealth. Why does no coalition on IVORY COST crises???? Because no oil. We are witnessing New colonial era!!!

Jebel Ali Baba 9 years ago

Oh no the French again. First shot of the intervention and they take down a rebels aircraft over Benghazi thinking it's one of Gaddafis fighters. Ce la vie...

Jack J 9 years ago

Here we go again. I wonder if the UN plans to remain consistent with its policies and use the same force in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, etc and of course not forgetting the old favourites North Korea and Iran. The list could go on but I think the point has been made. It'll be interesting to see who comes to the aid of the Western civilians when they finally rise up against their governments and bankers in the not too distant future.
Strange fact, many of these countries who are now involved with bombing Libya were the same ones that sold Gaddafi millions of dollars worth of weapons over the past few years. The same weapons they are now destroying.
Obviously Barack Obama will be doing the right thing & handing back his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Also be interesting to see if Sarkozy did receive significant funding from Gaddafi & the Libyan people for his political campaign as has been claimed.
This world continues to stink of hypocrisy; there are always 'hidden' agendas.

Jake 9 years ago

when I watched Jazeera or CNN, I could see Tunguska, T90, Migs, AK 47, RPG, SA-7 and so on...Those aren't products of Canada, UK, France, Denmark, Spain or Norway.

Oh yes they do have some Mirages, but they aren't recent models...

There is no significant arms trade between Europe and Lybia
On the other hand most of the exports go to EU Nations. So what exactly is the gain here for the West. Until now there it is not clear who will rule Lybia after Gaddafi.

By the way, China and Russia didn't vote in favour of the No Fly Zone. Wonder why.

SA 9 years ago

Most nation won't vote for war...but yeah some these gang of self-titled international community...wants to put every country in war for their own self interest.

Saving the bombing.............the civilians. wow...

SA 9 years ago

When Israel year back bombed palestine the so called International community does nothing to stop civilian casualties, on the contrary Palestinian fighters were blamed to use civilian as Human shields.

But here they ganged up so quickly to bring war to Libya.

I think every nation should bear one thing in mind, however autoractic their ruler may be they are far better than any foreign power, whose only interest is their own interest. Look the mess Iraq is now. Who would say Iraqis were far worst under Saddam then they are now.

They will bomb you, tomhawk you, smoke you and even nuke you .... and still have a every Good excuse (like saving the civilians).

MM 9 years ago

Well said SA. What I don't understand is they show on TV, Radio and News that the citizens are crying why Obama and west send military, why they attacking us.

It is clear Libyan citizens are happy the way they are except a minority group who could easily be counted as rioters or disturbing the nation's peace.

Now on what context is the west there to bomb? Saving civilians? Seriously? They have just killed some 100 civilians by nuking. At least Gaddhafi was after the bad guys.

Totally agree with SA. Libyans are far better with Gaddhafi than foreign powers whose eye is on oil. Look at where the rebel fighters are keen on capturing – ports and oil wells. If anyone thinks there is no brain wash from west powers to these rebels clearly don't know any history in the region.

Ok still not convinced? Tell us, why is the west attacking Libya – not to save civilians. They don't want that.

Or tell us where were these west powers when Israel was slaughtering Palestinians?

Common Sense.

CS 9 years ago

Excellent Mr Jack J - very true. However, you forgot, if UN will use the same force in Isreal when they bomb innocent people in Palestine & Lebanon etc? Where are the Grinning Sarkozy's etc then!

CS 9 years ago

SA, Are you surprised? This is the Game the Powers have been playing for Centuries. Last Centuary it was the Great Game by the Colonial British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia. Then there was the The Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916 which secretly divided the Ottoman Empire lands of Middle East between British and French spheres of influence. They agreed that "Palestine" was to be designated as an "international enclave". Do you think these Games ever stop? The Iraq game is a continuation of this. These have to be followed by others as long as there is no unity within the Arab World. Divide & Rule is the Formula & Resources is the reason.