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Thu 12 May 2011 01:19 PM

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American faces UAE jail term over handcuffs ‘theft’

Judgement due to be handed down next week, defendant faces up to five years in jail

American faces UAE jail term over handcuffs ‘theft’
The UAE has charged AF with theft of government property, possession of police paraphernalia and theft at night

An American national is facing up to five years in jail over the alleged theft of a set of police handcuffs in Dubai, it was reported Thursday. 

The man, AF, has already been detained for two months, and is the subject of an online media campaign in the US that is calling for his release.

The prosecution alleged that AF stole the pair of handcuffs while he was being questioned at a local police station. However, the defendant has claimed that he found them in Ibn Battuta mall car park, a mile and a half away from the police station, the channel said.

The UAE has charged AF with theft of government property, possession of police paraphernalia and theft, with a Dubai judge due to hand down a verdict next week. 

Around 950 people have joined a Facebook group campaigning for AF’s release.

The webpage encourages members to appeal to Yousef Al Otaiba, the UAE ambassador to the US, and State Department offical Jeffrey Feltman to intervene on AF’s behalf.

Peter Peter 8 years ago

Five years for a set of hand cuffs ? WOW !

It is not clear how this person got hold of the hand cuffs in the first place. I have read the news papers and there seems to be two totally different stories coming out.

If the American's story is true that he found them lying on the road then surely that is not theft as the world understands it. Of course he should have handed them in to any authority , even the manager of the pub out side which he is supposed to have found the cuffs. If however as the police say, he stole them from the police station then there must be videos or some record that he visited a police station. But why someone would visit a police station and steal handcuffs beats me.

Punky Brewster 8 years ago

Americans think it's a joke all the time, stealing this or that. We see their prisons are filled to capacity. Being the Super Power doesn't give them the authority to do as they please, in any country, leave Pakistan!! The respect of culture in UAE has to be followed, be it Nationals or Expats. Why do you think so many millions have survived in UAE, for YEARS on end, w/o even a speeding ticket!!

Albert Wynn 8 years ago

It is apparent by comment that you love using the plural words. You seen to be one who enjoy judging others by your own standards, be they right or wrong. One thief amongst the multitude makes all them Americans thieves, aye? All who are imprisoned are gulity aye Punky? That's why they are there, right? What if you were the one the police are on the lookout, for double-parking your car in the street, just to grab a few AED from the ATM or running the red light 3-times last night because no cameras were present, or better yet for running the Stop Sign 20 times this year. If, you didn't get a ticket, that makes it ok, right? To judge one solely on what you heard or read without knowledge of facts, is unjust in itself. The tongue as known by true men of faith, is the most dangerous weapon on earth. Oh, yeah! Punky, it is true that it has been the cause of much destruction and has out performed even the atomic bomb.

Basel A-Shaban 8 years ago

Oh please "Punky", your comments led me to believe that you really have a serious misunderstanding of the Pakistani policy involving the presence of the US military on their land. Just keep in mind the billions of our tax dollars that we pay Pakistan annually. I am sure you being well informed you're able to comment on why Pakistan get so much of US money every single year (the real reason please not the obvious one). Oh, yeah, about that fellow American who got caught with a pair of handcuffs, what were you thinking man? Not to worry Amigo, you will be out soon. I wonder what ever happened to the police officer who "misplaced" his handcuffs, I wonder if he has done this in the past with his sidearm.