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Wed 27 Feb 2008 04:48 PM

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An inspiring, harmonious environment for your child

To enhance your child's development and confidence, follow these simple feng shui guidelines.

Children represent the purest form of Yang energy. It is really appropriate that the word ‘child', starts with the letters ‘Chi', which means energy. The purpose of Feng Shui in a child's bedroom is the same as every parent's objective for decorating their children's rooms: to create a healthy, happy environment that fosters education, good health, happy relationships with parents and siblings and respect for all, among other things.

The most obvious factors to take into consideration regarding the children's bedroom are that they are growing, exploring, curious, active, unique and evolving into their true potential. How can you begin to create a space, which can reflect all these needs?

Placing a picture of parents in a problem child’s room is a quick and subtle way to exert authority and bring them into line

Given that they spend a third of their formative life in this space, it is vital that the bedroom reflects their personality and desire to grow and explore. Green and blue decor has a relaxing effect while shades of yellow can stimulate their mind; unless the yellow is particularly bright it is unlikely to cause insomnia.

Try to keep the central sector of the bedroom floor free for the children to use as they please. Sleeping under skylights, beams and shelves laden up with books and puzzles is certainly not ideal. The pressure from above can give them headaches and disturb their night's rest. Bunk beds are also best avoided and single beds favoured.

If two children share the same bedroom, then try to create some form of screening to allow them to personalize and individualize their own sector of the room. Children, like adults, need their own space. Make sure that they have good access to controlling the lighting of the room and that any bedside light is quick and easy for them to find. Limit the amount of toys and clutter in the room.

Shapes are also important. Curves and circles are more nurturing than straight lines. Curtains or roller blinds are preferable to venetian blinds, as each blade of the venetian blinds is like a poison arrow, cutting the energy of the space. The headboard of the bed should be solid and wooden to make children feel more secure and sleep better.

Placing the headboard against a solid wall is far better than under a window, as this symbolizes support and security. A comfortable, harmonious room makes for a good night's rest, which in turn, makes for a refreshed, happy and high-performing child.

Feng Shui emphasizes a lot on a child's education. Having a dedicated space, including a desk and lamp where your child can study, demonstrates to your child the importance you place on educational achievement.

If this has been a source of problems, make the study position in the North East corner of the bedroom. Display your child's accomplishments such as drawings, crafts, awards, trophies, ribbons, or other special items on the South Wall. Doing so reinforces that you are proud of your child's efforts.

Top tips for your child’s bedroom1.Make sure your child is not sitting with her or his back against the door. If this is the only way of arranging the room, place a mirror so that the door can be seen.

2.Make sure that nothing sharp or piercing is directed towards the chair, as this will create sha chi, or bad energy. Even a poster with sharp pointing images causes bad energy.

3.Have your child sit facing his or her best study direction and with solid support behind. A painting or picture of a mountain at their back can increase the support and provide the feeling of safety.

4.Try not to have your child's desk straight in front of a window. He will lack concentration.

5.Keep the desk area clear of clutter.

6.Open the windows regularly to allow fresh Chi to enter.

7.Place a happy picture of the parents in the children's rooms. This subtly exerts the authority and prominence of the parents as heads of the household. It is also one of the quickest and most effective ways to bring a problem child into line.

Samita Khanna
Master practitioner

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