AngelTouch: The beauty of tomorrow

2015 will see the introduction of a new generation of Tech-savvy beauty
AngelTouch: The beauty of tomorrow
By Salma Awwad
Sun 19 Oct 2014 03:35 PM

The first ever in home, handheld, Ultrasonic beauty tool with Multi Modulation-Technology (MMT) will be launched in the market by La Pierres in January 2015.

AngelTouch is the only ultrasonic facial beauty device in the world that produces multiple acoustic modes on same treatment surface simultaneously with micro-tapping into the skin at 5 million cycles per second.

The Silicon Valley, US based company is led by Dr. Yuchen Zhou  and Mr. Sean Tieu who researched the  development of the $200 Billion beauty and skin care market and uncovered this innovative approach to beauty.

With 9 granted design and utility patents worldwide and 24 granted trademarks the AngelTouch device uniquely delivers skincare formulas through disposable cartridges which can be inserted into the device with every use.

Ultrasound is known for being able to penetrate ultrasonic waves deep into the epidermis layers of your skin. What this device does is switch between the ultrasound frequencies of 2.5MHZ and 5MHZ at 5 million cycles per second (which is impossible for a human hand to do) heating the epidermis layers of your skin. This in turn builds collagen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  Ultrasound has also been frequently used in the medical field for sports athletes who require muscle relief, healing and recovery.

Mr. Sean Tieu explains that the next step for the tech-savvy beauty company will be the introduction of “smart cartridges “ in 2016, with the ability to identify what your skin needs and provide all the multiple creams and lotions to you through a disposable cartridge.

“In the future, we would be able to divide the cartridges into different compartments that are tailor-made specifically for your skin. You can then customise exactly what you want to dispense. Whether you want to dispense serum, anti-aging cream, whitening or cellulite cream, it is all possible. For the first time in the industry, you are able to dispense exactly what you want from the cartridge, which is not what the skin care companies currently give you,” he states.

“Currently skincare companies develop their products based on the average need in the market. But this will change the entire skincare market and revolutionise the industry. Not only for beauty, but for medical use as well,” he adds.

In generation #2, the device will come with a Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, so that the moment you insert the smart cartridge into the device, it will know who you are, when you last used it and what cartridge you used. With this data, La Pierres can actually pin point what their customers really need.

Financially backed by angle investors Jason Zhu and Jackie Liu and endorsed by former heavyweight champion boxer Evander Holyfield and actress Nia Peeples, who are also the technology’s spokespeople, AngelTouch is currently distributed only through major USA TV shopping networks, and will begin TV sales in January in the USA. Each device will be sold for $399. Both the device and the beauty line cartridges will then rollout in the Middle East on February 2015.

If all goes well, the founders are confident this could be just the tip of the revenue iceberg.

“The secondary beauty of this product from a business stand point is the recurring monthly orders of lotions and serums which will be formulated to treat a vast multitude of skin issues, everything from anti-aging, and scarring to acne treatments and dry skin problems. We can market the specialty serums to a woman over many years of her life,” says Tieu, adding: “We foresee the device being used on other parts of the body as well as the face. For instance a medical company may want to use the device to deliver their latest hormone treatments, or vaccinations or any medicine that is delivered subcutaneously.”

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