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Tue 19 Apr 2011 01:52 PM

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Arab states ‘ripping off’ US over Libya campaign, says Trump

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump says oil-rich Arab countries should pay $5bn to US for cost of operation

Arab states ‘ripping off’ US over Libya campaign, says Trump
Oil-rich Arab states should be paying the US for the cost of its military campaign in Libya, said Donald Trump

Oil-rich Arab states should be paying the US for the cost of
its military campaign in Libya, Manhattan real estate mogul Donald Trump said.

In an interview with CNN, the would-be Republican
presidential candidate said the US should demand $5bn from cash-flush Arab
countries to continue strikes against Muammar Gaddafi.

“The Arab
League is so wealthy, they have so much money, they have cash pouring out of
their ears, and they tell us, and we’re a debtor nation, they tell us to go in
and take out Gaddafi, because we don’t like him,” he told the network.

The bill for the first week of air strikes is estimated to
have cost the US taxpayer $600,000.

“Why aren’t
they paying us? Why aren’t they paying us?” Trump said. “When they said that,
you should have said; ‘We’ll go in, but we want $5bn.’And you know what, that’s
peanuts for them, they’d give you a cheque in about two seconds.”

Trump, who
shot to global fame with the launch of his reality TV show, ‘The Apprentice’, is
mulling a run at the White House in 2012. If successful, his comments suggest the
US would see a sea-change in foreign policy issues.

“I don’t
think it’s a business mentality, I think it’s a common sense mentality,” he
said, referring to the $5bn payment. “They go, ‘Boom, Boom, Boom,’ thank you
very much. But we don’t have the mentality that even thinks to ask for it.”

Trump has
previously been equally direct on issues such as China’s currency manipulation –
which he would answer with a 25 percent tariff on all exports to the US – and on
the price of a barrel of oil.

“I’m saying
that China is ripping us off; Saudi Arabia is ripping us off,” he said.

Trump ranked 488th on Forbes magazine's 2010 list of the
world's billionaires with an estimated net worth of $2bn. He has said he will
decide whether to make a run for president by June.  

A 8 years ago

no one asked the miserable USA to come or help,,USA is doing that cuz of its own benefits

Ousman M Njie 8 years ago

This is the price of wanting to be a leader. You want to be leading and not to be led and want people around the world to bow to whatever you say to them, so, just let it be so and pay the price. Remember, if you back-down, someone else will take the role and the lead and you will have to bow to whatever they say to you. Remember too, America's dominance of the world is based on psychological factors more what it based on reality and it's not easy to see it now but once you lack behind you will start seeing it. Just be careful!

Raul Fernandes 8 years ago

Trump is basically suggesting the American Army be turned into an 'army for hire'. seriously?? If Trump were in the White House America wouldn't be a 'debtor nation' any more they wouldn't even be a nation. Proof that money doesn't mean brains! ha ha Silly Trump, don't you have someone to fire? tch tch

Disgruntled US Citizen 8 years ago

The scariest part of the above: He's a "...Republican presidential candidate." Even worse, last time i checked, he was tied for first place in US opinion polls this week (tied with Mike Huckabee, i think). He's in first place folks! The American public seem to believe that he will make for a good president, at least better than any other Republican candidate on the radar screen. Unbelievable...

Sandy 8 years ago

So he is basically informing that in his rule US troops will be available on rent (like mercenary).
He hardly stands any chance in front of Obama so I doubt if any change would be coming in policy announcement.
Invading oil rich countries and then giving the contracts to US companies though is not documented yet though

Al Hind 8 years ago

Trump is crazy, he has been ranting and raving against OPEC, Arab states and China for months now.

sami 8 years ago're fired

Rim 8 years ago

The Arab countries and the world are looking to the US for help cause USA assumed the role of the world's leader and meddled into every Arab related problem ( i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) full speed without expecting to be paid for it in monetary form mainly because US loves to have a power hold and military presence in the region to assure it's presence in this wealthy oil region. Donald trump needs to stick to his realty TV shows!

jilluhafz 8 years ago

my advice to US - if you help others -charge them.
if they do not pay - then do not help them.
role of world policeman cost money.
when US is suffering from deficit- it should reduce its overseas military and aid commitment.
any help to international community should come from united nations and all rich nations should contribute specially when- such help is in mutual interest of all.
why should US alone be generous donor to every cause.
US people are no more rich- there is unemployment all round and
US should meet its internal social and community needs instead of helping others.

to increase employment opportunities- US should seek friendly coucountries to import highly skilled US manpower in the areas of military and police and spy and other technical training.
US should encourage its green card holders to seek work abroad-
specially in their old home countries- then pay US taxes
AND social security- US can also earn foreigne currnecy from remitances of its own expatriate abroad.

Yousef Hammad 8 years ago

if the US was payed for they're military intervention that would make them a "gun for hire". is that the direction Trump would steer the US if he wins office?

also the Arab nations did not ask for the intervention, it was decided by the UN council which directed NATO for military action. I fear for the future of the US if the likes of Trump are placed in office, the Bushes would'nt seem so bad then.