Arabian Business Power 500 2013
Thu 21 Mar 2013 10:28 AM
Iyyad Najjar

Iyyad Najjar

Industry: Arts & Entertainment

Designation: Film producer

Country: Syria

Iyyad Najjar wears many hats; he has been a diplomat, a film producer, and currently heads up one of the most effective trade unions in the Arab world.

Born in 1972, Najjar became one of the region’s most popular producers when he set up Clacket Productions in Damascus.

The firm became one of the biggest players on the local TV scene, and Najjar found himself working with the likes of Rasha Sharbatji, Al Layth Hajo, Rami Hanna and Hatem Ali. He also worked with some of the Arab world’s best known actors, like Maxim Khalil, Sulafa Memar, Duraid Lahham and others.

Elsewhere, he was also the youngest diplomat in the Arab League, and currently sits at the head of the biggest Arab transport union.

The Arab Union for Logistics and Goods Forwarders has membership across most regional countries, and controls goods transporation between Europe, America and the Arab world. It is considered to be the most effective union in the region.