Arabian Business Power 500 2013
Thu 21 Mar 2013 10:28 AM
Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel

Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel

Industry: Retail

Company: Abdul Latif Jameel

Designation: President

Country: Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Abdul Latif Jameel may be most famous for running the world’s largest independent Toyota dealership, but it is in the issue of employment where he is really making a difference in Saudi Arabia.

Via the Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ) initiative, Jameel has helped create over 230,000 job opportunities, and is planning to create 500,000 jobs a year in the Arab countries and Turkey. Nine years ago, BRJ started out with just two job creation officers – one of whom was Jameel himself – who trained ten unemployed Saudis to become taxi drivers. But, of course, it’s his business success that has enabled him to set up BRJ.

Jameel’s self-titled group (ALJ) sells Toyota vehicles in the Middle East, UK, Central Asia and China.  ALJ is also active in the fields of real estate, financing, software solutions, advertising, media, and distribution and sales of electronics and appliances.