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Thu 21 Mar 2013 10:28 AM
Al Laith Hajo

Al Laith Hajo

Industry: Arts & Entertainment

Designation: Director

Country: Syria

Al Laith Hajo is a prominent Syrian television and film director. He has said he will feature scenes about the current events in Syria in his new television series “Kharba”. quoted the director as saying: “We preferred to add to the script the reality of what is going on in Syria and the Arab region, in order to portray the societal problems being faced.”

He added: “New ideas are being incorporated everyday according to updates in events in Syria and other countries witnessing turmoil.”

Hajo added the additional scenes that have been shot for Kharba were not included in the original script by writer Mamdouh Hamada.

Hajo is currently working on a series called Saanoud Baad Qalil (We’ll Be Right Back), which is written by Rafi Wahbe, and which will be shown to audiences this Ramadan.