Arabian Business Power 500 2013
Thu 21 Mar 2013 10:28 AM
Mubarak Al Suweiket

Mubarak Al Suweiket

Industry: Construction

Designation: Entrepreneur

Country: Saudi Arabia

He opened Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province’s tallest tower in June last year. The Dhahran Tower, which is 46 storeys high, is symbolic of its founder’s startling success.

Al Suwaiket and his Trading and Contracting Company have become a leading force in the kingdom’s construction industry, as well as other sectors. With its vast experience in the building industry, Al Suwaiket has been credited with a number of high-profile projects in Saudi Arabia. The last decade has seen the company broaden its business base, namely the establishing of the oil, gas and pipelines services division, educational services, and the establishment of many industrial ventures. The conglomerate’s expansion outside the kingdom has seen it undertake international interests in different sectors such as education, energy, general trading, travel and transportation, catering and life support, agriculture, family and labour. But Al Suweiket clearly isn’t just interested in wealth; earlier last year he cancelled contracts with 20 Russian firms, in protest at that country’s support of the regime in Syria.