Arabian Business Power 500 2013
Thu 21 Mar 2013 10:28 AM
Sulaiman Al Fahim

Sulaiman Al Fahim

Industry: Property

Designation: Entrepreneur

Country: US (UAE)

The one-time CEO of Hydra Properties is now based in the US, from where he continues to have considerable influence in the business world. He is putting together a major green building initiative and code, initially for New York City, that is expected to be rolled out in other US states.

Al Fahim has also been at the forefront of many green social housing initiatives in Saudi Arabia. His focus has also been on developing solar and wind energy projects across the GCC. He has been working with Spanish companies looking to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia. Much of this work involves helping European and Arab companies work together on information exchange programs. Al Fahim continues to be active in philanthropy, spending several weeks in year working on projects in Africa.