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Thu 21 Mar 2013 10:28 AM
Khadija Al Salami

Khadija Al Salami

Industry: Media

Designation: Film producer

Country: France (Yemen)

Al Salami is the first Yemeni female film producer, having
made numerous movies as well as documentaries for television networks in France
and Yemen. Her works generally focus on women’s issues, probably as a result of
her own childhood.

Al Salami was forced into an early marriage at just 11 years
old and was raped by her husband. When she attempted to divorce her husband she
was disowned by her extended family, left with only her single mother. Al
Salami fell into production as a means of coping with her life, attending the
local television studio after school. She went on to receive a scholarship to
study communications. Al Salami also has co-authored an autobiography, The
Tears of Sheba, with her current husband, the American Charles Hoots. She
director of the Yemeni Information Centre at the Embassy of Yemen in Paris and
is a recipient of the Legion d’Honneur.