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Thu 21 Mar 2013 10:28 AM
Emel Mathlouthi

Emel Mathlouthi

Industry: Arts & Entertainment

Designation: Singer-songwriter

Country: France (Tunisia)

Although already well known in her home country, Emel Mathlouthi was propelled onto the international media when her protest songs, Ya Tounes Ya Meskina (Poor Tunisia) and Kelmti Horri (My Word is Free) became anthems during the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions. Mathlouthi first started writing as a student and become well known in Tunisia when she started writing political songs.

In 2006, she was a finalist in the Prix RMC Moyen-Orient Musique competition but moved to Paris in 2008 when the Tunisian government banned her songs from the radio and TV. She released her first album, Kelmti Horra, in January 2012 and has spent the last year performing across the world, including Baghdad and Belgium.

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