Arabian Business Rich List 2010
Thu 16 Dec 2010 10:41 AM
Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz Al Hokair

Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz Al Hokair

Industry: Culture & Hospitality

Company: Al Hokair Group

Country: Saudi Arabia

Wealth: 2 Billion

A true pioneer in the Saudi entertainment market, Abdul Mohsen Al Hokair is chairman of the Al Hokair Group, a company that has become synonymous with leisure in the kingdom.

The firm’s roots go back to 1965, and in the last four decades Al Hokair Group has built on its success with expansion into new fields and a dynamic growth in the scale of its business activities. Today, it counts over 6,000 employees and plays a leading role in entertainment, leisure and tourism. The group’s portfolio of interests includes more than 70 amusement and theme parks, a number of international restaurant franchises as well as the largest chain of hotels and recreational cities in the Middle East.

Back in 1965, Al Hokair founded the Group for Tourism and Development with the launch of a small park in the Malaz district of Riyadh. Since then he has consistently taken the group to new heights, expanding geographically as well as in terms of the scale and profile of projects involved. He was one of the earliest investors in the field of tourism, and as such played a pioneering role in the nation’s tourism industry. Today, as the group head, he is the undisputed leader of the recreation and tourism industry in the kingdom.

Over the years, Al Hokair has acquired a range of tourism and leisure-related certification, while cultivating extensive know-how in the fields of trading and industry. His business expertise is often called on, and he has presented a number of white papers at exhibitions and conferences specialised in tourism and leisure.

Recognition of his achievements has come from the highest levels with the Italian government awarding him a medal of merit and the international hotel chain Golden Tulip giving him the honoured title of ‘the Sheikh of Gulf Tourism’. In June last year, Al Hokair was also elected president of the Saudi Lebanese Business Council.