ATN Power 50 2010
Tue 09 Nov 2010 08:05 AM
Dr Nasser Al Tayyar

Dr Nasser Al Tayyar

Industry: Travel & Hospitality

Company: Al Tayyar Travel Group

Designation: Managing Director

Country: Saudi Arabia

Occupation: Managing Director

With Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector now contributing 7.2% or about 102 billion Riyals (US$27.2 billion) last year to the Saudi economy – a figure which is predicted to rocket in coming years – Dr Nasser Al Tayyar, managing director of one of Saudi Arabia’s largest travel and tourism groups deserves a worthy place on our Power List this year.

His Riyadh-based company was established 30 years ago, and in 2000 was one of the first companies in the Kingdom to receive official permission from the Ministry of Hajj to organise and promote group Hajj packages to the Holy Cities. Al Tayyar Group has now grown to encompass over 300 branches across the Kingdom, with 14 offices overseas, and over 2,500 staff employed in various travel subsidiaries – including ticketing, transport and hotels.

Al Tayyar is now working closely with the government in its drive  to increase the flow of tourists to Saudi as well as activating the movement of domestic tourists by sponsoring major cultural events throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company is constantly innovating in its drive to propel Saudi’s tourism sector forward, and was recently awarded the right to market and distribute Hajj & Umrah insurance policies to pilgrims outside of the Kingdom.

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