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Wed 12 Feb 2014 10:27 AM

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Bahrain to ban alcohol at airport, on flights

The Bahraini Parliament has passed legislation, which is reportedly opposed by airline officials

Bahrain to ban alcohol at airport, on flights

The Bahraini Parliament has passed legislation banning alcohol throughout its international airport and on Gulf Air flights, Gulf Daily News reported.

If the proposal is approved by the king, Bahrain will partially follow neighbours Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, which are fully dry countries.

Alcohol is haram in Islam but Bahrain is known for its liberal alcohol rules, which attract many Saudis, who cross into the island kingdom via a causeway linking the states.

Airline officials reportedly oppose the ban, telling MPs Gulf Air already had stopped serving alcohol and removed alcohol advertising from onboard paraphernalia.

It is assumed the legislation would also apply to the sale of duty-free alcohol.

Ozzy 5 years ago

Already the airline is down in the dumps and making a loss now they want to stop serving alcohol so that people stop travelling on their flights completely... Useless

Rashed 5 years ago

Extremists and their silly ideas.

They have nothing better to do than discussing alcohol. Their contribution to any society is the slaying of its economy.

chris 5 years ago

Its all about priorities.
Why are parliament bothering with such isnt important.
Jobs, health and education should be their priorities.
Please get theology out of politics and education.

Buddy 5 years ago

Crazy; Bahrain's economy is already suffering, now it will even hurt even more. And for sure its not helping Gulf Air either. Many people that are no drunks, but like a glass of wine will now avoid Bahrain and Gulf Air. I am sure that either Saudi or Kuwait is behind this with a large sum of money; Bahrain would otherwise never do this. It is no wonder that Gulf Air is struggeling to find a CEO in their degrading environment.

It is not that I have to consume alcohol extensively, but while I wait at an airport and fly, I enjoy my glass of wine, and its not someting I will give up.

So no Bahrian Airport and Gulf Air for me anymore.

Chris 5 years ago

Won't happen. Just part of the annual discussion calendar here.

Jameela Mohanna 5 years ago

If not able to buy alcohol legally as a non-muslim the Illegal production and selling will go underground and people can die as result of the consuming that alcohol.

Deaths from contaminated alcohol are a regular occurrence in India, Asian nationals are the main consumers of alcohol in the Kingdom.

Better to control the sale of alcohol i e. quota per month per non-muslim.

We have to remember that Bahrain is host to almost 55% Non- Muslim foreigners and they should have the freedom to choose to consume alcohol or not.

Also the MP's are taking away our freedom of choice (by banning alcohol) for the citizen of Bahrain - a freedom that is guaranteed under our Law.

More important issues should be dealt with by them like pollution, terrorism to name a few

Julian K 5 years ago

Well, I had enough miles left with Gulf Air for a Business Class one-way ticket to Bangkok, which I will still use before the miles will expire. After that, I will stick with Etihad. It's a sad situation as I remember the "good old days" when Gulf Air would have rivaled Emirates, Qatar and Etihad before their existence. Now they will be smiling as their revenues are sure to soar. Everyone should have choice in life. It looks like Gulf Air will not be giving any choices to its passengers. Let's see how many more routes they reduce and how much more funding they require in a year from now.

leo fewtrell 5 years ago

good points

RAH 5 years ago

1) You all talk like this has already taken place.
2) You all talk like you are a bunch of alcoholics who cant fathom flying unless you shove posion (AKA alcohol) down your throats
3) You all talk as if 100% of the world’s population drink and with a ban, GF flight will run 100% empty

You lot are sad. Good for Gulf Air and the MPs who are pushing for a cleaner airport and airline that respects religion and what many locals deem as an unneccessary part of service.

MJM 5 years ago

Extremely good point! The parliament needs to focus their time on getting the economy to standard and the causeway up to benefit from the Qatar boom, instead of fiddling around with alcohol sales. Lol