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Sun 20 Mar 2011 03:54 PM

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Bahrain blasts ‘blatant’ Iranian meddling

Kingdom calls for UN to put an end to Iran’s ‘barefaced’ meddling in Bahrain affairs

Bahrain blasts ‘blatant’ Iranian meddling
Bahrain declared martial law on March 15 after troops from Saudi Arabia and the UAE arrived to help quell protests

Bahrain’s government has spoken out at what it called “blatant Iranian interference” in its internal affairs, following a month of anti-government protests that have left at least 13 dead.

In a statement carried by state-run Bahrain News Agency, the kingdom blasted the “barefaced interference” of Iran and called for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon to “put an end” to the Islamic republic’s meddling.

Bahrain declared martial law on March 15 after troops from Saudi Arabia and the UAE arrived to help quell protests that have gripped the Gulf state for more than a month.

The army on March 19 demolished the 300ft monument on the Pearl Roundabout in Manama.

The junction had been home to a makeshift protest camp for protesters, many of whom come from the Shiite Muslim majority.

Iran was quick to condemn the arrival of soldiers, urging Bahrain not to allow what it called foreign interference in protests that have gripped the island for more than a month.

“Using other countries' military forces to oppress these demands is not the solution,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hossein Amir Abdollahian told the Fars news agency.

Iranian parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani on Sunday said Gulf states had betrayed the Bahraini people by sending in soldiers to quash unrest.

 “The massacre of Bahraini people in this critical condition will be kept in the minds of the regional nations as a great betrayal,” Larijani said in an interview Sunday with al-Alam TV.

Iran has denied rumours that it is backing Shiite activists in the kingdom.

Analysts warned last week that the arrival of Gulf troops in Bahrain could prompt Iran to join the conflict, under the guise of offering protection to protesting Shi’ites in the kingdom.

“I think we are moving to a new chapter… It has the potential of pulling in Iran rhetorically as well as physically,” said Theodore Karasik of the Dubai-based Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis.

“It is the proxy war they [Iran and the Gulf states] have been having that has come through various cycles and is now coming to a head.”


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realistic 9 years ago

I am resident of tehran. Two of my cousins including more then 500 peaceful activist have been behind bars for last five months. It's good to take side of shias and to support, but to give freedom to your own nationals is more important

tony 9 years ago

Yes, the govt of Iran is hypocritical, but then again so every other country. Look at the US, first they tried to save their puppet Mubarrak in Egypt, then they abandoned him when they saw that he couldnt hold on.

Same thing in the Arab Persian Gulf states. US says "democracy and bla bla", yet here they are supporting oppression and monarchy.

tony 9 years ago

Yes, Iran was why Bahrainis rose up against the dictator in the 60s and 70s.

And what is even funnier, is that Iranian meddling in Bahraini affair has not been proven, whereas Saudi meddling in Bahraini affair has been proven time and time again.

Tarek 9 years ago

@ Tony...get your facts straight buddy. Saudi's are not meddling...they have been invited by his Majesty King Hamad to assist in protecting Bahrain against foreign (Iranian) intervention. This is a benefit of being part of the GCC, and having the Peninsula Shield in place.

If you read the news, it is clear that Iranian meddling is "proven", as the words were spoken on behalf of the Iranian government by none other than Ali Larijani. Furthermore, Iran has time and time again indicated that Bahrain should be part of Iran.

I don't understand how people like you with unfounded informaiton whatsoever are permitted of commenting in public.

ARShehab 9 years ago


Please note that there's no Persian Gulf. IT IS ARABIAN GULF.

ARShehab 9 years ago

Iranian interference in Bahrain has been for long time even during the time of Shah Iran.
The Iranians (Persians) hate anything relating to Arabs. The recent news says that Iran has killed more than 100 Arabs of Ahwaz during Jan and Feb 2011.
The Mullas Govt is so called (Islamic Republic of Iran) even kills their own Sheiat people and crackdown any demonstration against the Mullas Govt. They have even kept their closed people like Musawi (who was PM during Khomini time) and Karoobi who is a religious figure, they kept both of them behind bars, for one reason, for saying NO to Najjad.
There are 35 million Muslim Sunnis in Iran, but there isn't a single Sunni mosque in Tehran.
My humble advise to the Iranian Govt is that please keep your nose clean off Bahrain and manage your own problems.
Thank you.

tony 9 years ago

Gee....I guess since a country condemns the actions of another country (like Iran has done in Bahrain), then that means that country is meddling in another countrys affair? Well in that case, why is the UAE meddling in Libyas affair? They are even sending troops? Peninsula Shield dont apply, since Libya isn't in GCC.

Oh, and just because one member of parliament in Iran says that Iran should take back Bahrain (lets not forget that Bahrain belonged to Iran before there was even a UAE), doesnt mean all of Iran wants that. If you wanna use that, then what about Arab govts in the PERSIAN Gulf claiming that it is the Arabian Gulf, or giving Saddam billions of dollars to kill Iranians in the 80s
PS: Shia majority Bahrain should be ruled by a Shia govt. Simple as that!

Kat 9 years ago

Let's call it as it is - Bahrain is an extension of the KSA - without Saudis pouring in to the country each week to spend their 'hard' earned money, Bahrain wouldn't really have a leg to stand on.

Bahrain is to Saudi what Kish is to Iran - it's their playground.

Tarek 9 years ago

Arabian gulf/Persian Gulf...is that the argument you're making?

When Ali Larijani speaks, it is on behalf of the government of Iran...it is not his personal views. And Iran did not just condemn...a member of the Iranian embassy was caught trying to get weapons out of the Salmaniya hospital. Furthermore, Hassan Mushaima stopped on his way from London to Bahrain in Lebanon...I guess to stroke the beard of the Iranian puppet in south Lebanon. I don't know why he would do that seeing there are 4 non stop flights a day between Heathrow and Bahrain.

When Iran starts letting people protest in the streets, then it can talk.

The rest of your arguments don't make sense.

Sam 9 years ago

Dear Tony,
From your comments I can see you will be the first in line to raise the Iranian flag in Al Manama.